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2004Development of a regimen for rapid initiation of perhexiline therapy in acute coronary syndromesPhilpott, A.; Chandy, S.; Morris, R.; Horowitz, J.
2004Pleasure into pain: the consequences of long-term opioid useWhite, J.
2004Baclofen prevents MDMA-induced rise in core body temperature in ratsBexis, S.; Phillis, B.; Ong, J.; White, J.; Irvine, R.
2004Single-enantiomer drugs - elegant science, disappointing effectsMansfield, P.; Henry, D.; Tonkin, A.
2004Optimisation of the comet genotoxicity assay in freshly isolated murine hepatocytes: detection of strong in vitro DNA damaging properties for styreneFontaine, F.; DeGraaf, Y.; Ghaoui, R.; Sallustio, B.; Edwards, J.; Burcham, P.
2004Impact of concentration and rate of intraluminal drug delivery on absorption and gut wall metabolism of verapamil in humansGlaeser, H.; Drescher, S.; Hofmann, U.; Heinkele, G.; Somogyi, A.; Eichelbaum, M.; Fromm, M.
2004Determination of perhexiline and hydroxyperhexiline in plasma by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryBeck, O.; Stephanson, N.; Morris, R.; Sallustio, B.; Hjemdahl, P.
2004Post-traumatic maxillary sinus mucoceleBilling, K.; Davis, G.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Wilscek, G.; Mitchell, R.
2004Protein adduct-trapping by hydrazinophthalazine drugs: Mechanisms of cytoprotection against acrolein-mediated toxicityBurcham, P.; Fontaine, F.; Kaminskas, L.; Petersen, D.; Pyke, S.
2004Relationship between 4,5-epoxymorphinan structure and in vitro modulation of cell proliferationHutchinson, M.; Somogyi, A.