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2003Use of biomarkers from drug discovery through clinical practice: Report of the Ninth European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference on Optimizing Drug DevelopmentRolan, Paul Edward; Atkinson, Arthur J.; Lesko, L. J.
2003An evaluation of recent blood lead levels in Port Pirie, South AustraliaMaynard, E. J.; Thomas, Raylene; Simon, David; Phipps, Catherine; Ward, Carla; Calder, Ian Campbell
2007Classification of findings in the home medicine reviews of post-discharge patients at risk of medication misadventureNguyen, A.; Yu, K.; Shakib, S.; Doecke, C.; Boyce, M.; March, G.; Anderson, B.; Gilbert, A.; Angley, M.
2007Pharmacists' role in the post-discharge management of patients with heart failure: a literature reviewPonniah, A.; Anderson, B.; Shakib, S.; Doecke, C.; Angley, M.
2009Site specific delivery of microencapsulated fish oil to the gastrointestinal tract of the ratPatten, Glen Stephen; Augustin, Mary Ann; Sanguansri, Luz; Head, Richard J.; Abeywardena, Mahinda Y.
2008An examination of the antibiotic effects of cylindrospermopsin on common gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and the protozoan Naegleria lovaniensisRasmussen, J.; Cursaro, M.; Froscio, S.; Saint, C.
2009Unfaithful neurotransmitter transporters: focus on serotonin updake and implications for antidepressant efficacyDaws, L.
2005Opening the nasal valve with external dilators reduces congestive symptoms in normal subjectsLatte, J.; Taverner, David
2009Pharmacogenomics of Tamoxifen TherapyBrauch, H.; Murdter, T.; Eichelbaum, M.; Schwab, M.
2004Vasorelaxation induced by common edible tropical plant extracts in isolated rat aorta and mesenteric vascular bedRunnie, I.; Salleh, M.; Mohamed, S.; Head, R.; Abeywardena, M.