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1997Red wine and fractionated phenolic compounds prepared from red wine inhibit low density lipoprotein oxidation in vitroKerry, Nicole Louise; Abbey, Mavis
1997Diminished susceptibility to proteolysis after protein modification by the lipid peroxidation product malondialdehyde: inhibitory role for crosslinked and noncrosslinked adducted proteins.Burcham, Philip Cyril; Kuhan, Y.
1997Survey of cyclosporin therapeutic ranges, assay methodology and use of 'sparing agents' in Australasian transplant centres.Jones, Terry E.; Morris, Raymond G.
1997Formation of novel C'-oxidized abasic sites in alkylperoxyl radical-damaged plasmid DNA.Harkin, Louise A.; Burcham, Philip Cyril
1997Patterns of symptom complaints in methadone maintenance patients.Dyer, Kyle R.; White, Jason Mark
1997Slow-release oral morphine and LAAM: pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamicsWhite, J.; Bochner, F.; Newcombe, D.; Somogyi, A.
1997Influence of renal failure on the disposition of morphine, morphine-3-glucuronide and morphine-6-glucuronide in sheep during intravenous infusion with morphineMilne, R.; McLean, C.; Mather, L.; Nation, R.; Runciman, W.; Rutten, A.; Somogyi, A.
1997Association between CYP2C19 genotype and proguanil oxidative polymorphism.Coller, J.; Somogyi, A.; Bochner, F.
1997The effects of central and peripheral angiotensin on hypertension and nociception in ratsIrvine, R.; White, J.
1997Role of G-T transversions in the mutagenicity of alkylperoxyl radicals: induction of alkali-labile sites in bacteriophage M13 mp19.Harkin, L.; Butler, L.; Burcham, P.