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2001Cyclosporin monitoring - state of the art?Morris, R.; Russ, G.
2004Concentration-time profile for perhexiline and hydroxyperhexiline in patients at steady stateJones, T.; Morris, R.; Horowitz, J.
2005CEDIAƒ sirolimus assay compared with HPLC-MS/MS and HPLC-UV in transplant recipient specimensWestley, I.; Morris, R.; Taylor, P.; Salm, P.; James, M.
2002Cyclosporin monitoring in Australasia: 2002 update of concensus guidelinesMorris, R.; Ilet, K.; Tett, S.; Ray, J.; Fullinfaw, R.; Cooke, R.; Cook, S.
2002Pharmacokinetic interaction between tacrolimus and diltiazem - dose-response relationship in kidney and liver transplant recipientsJones, T.; Morris, R.
2003Immunosupressant drug monitoring - recent innovations with emphasis on cyclosporineMorris, R.; Holt, D.; Shaw, L.
2004Development of a regimen for rapid initiation of perhexiline therapy in acute coronary syndromesPhilpott, A.; Chandy, S.; Morris, R.; Horowitz, J.
2006Suspected DLIS interference in the dimension DGNA digoxin assay method and the clinical application of the revised digoxin target rangeMorris, R.; Jones, T.; Goldsworthy, S.; Wagner, T.; Ho, H.; Horowitz, J.
2004Determination of perhexiline and hydroxyperhexiline in plasma by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryBeck, O.; Stephanson, N.; Morris, R.; Sallustio, B.; Hjemdahl, P.
2006Role of MRP2 in the hepatic disposition of mycophenolic acid and its glucuronide metabolites: Effect of cyclosporineWestley, I.; Brogan, L.; Morris, R.; Evans, A.; Sallustio, B.