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2000Comparison of methods for teaching clinical skills in assessing and managing drug-seeking patientsTaverner, David; Dodding, C. J.; White, Jason Mark
2000Clofibrate-induced in Vitro hepatoprotection against acetaminophen is not due to altered glutathione homeostasisNicholls-Grzemski, Felicity April; Calder, Ian C.; Priestly, Brian G.; Burcham, Philip Cyril
2000Clofibrate pretreatment in mice confers resistance against hepatic lipid peroxidationNicholls-Grzemski, Felicity April; Belling, G. Brian; Priestly, Brian G.; Calder, Ian C.; Burcham, Philip Cyril
2000Long-term abecarnil administration produces tolerance and withdrawal signs in the ratElliot, Elizabeth Emily; White, Jason Mark
2000The antihypertensive hydralazine is an efficient scavenger of acroleinBurcham, Philip Cyril; Kerr, Peter G.; Fontaine, Frank R.
2000Acetaminophen causes an increased international normalized ratio by reducing functional factor VIIWhyte, Ian M.; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Reith, David M.; Goodhew, Irene; Seldon, Michael; Dawson, Andrew H.
2000Role of cytochrome P450 3A in the metabolism of mefloquine in human and animal hepatocytesFontaine, Frank R.; de Sousa, G.; Burcham, Philip Cyril; Duchene, P.; Rahmani, R.
2000PD-151832 Pfizer IncBuckley, Nicholas A.
2000Precipitated and spontaneous withdrawal following administration of lorazepam but not zolpidemElliot, Elizabeth Emily; White, Jason Mark
2000Paracetamol (acetaminophen) poinoningEddleston, Michael; Buckley, Nicholas Allan