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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Dietary fats, carbohydrates and vascular disease: Sri Lankan perspectivesAbeywardena, Mahinda Y.
2003Chronic pain, substance abuse and addictionCompton, Peggy; Athanasos, Peter
2003Use of biomarkers from drug discovery through clinical practice: Report of the Ninth European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference on Optimizing Drug DevelopmentRolan, Paul Edward; Atkinson, Arthur J.; Lesko, L. J.
2003An evaluation of recent blood lead levels in Port Pirie, South AustraliaMaynard, E. J.; Thomas, Raylene; Simon, David; Phipps, Catherine; Ward, Carla; Calder, Ian Campbell
2003Lack of pharmacokinetic interaction between retigabine and phenobarbitone at steady-state in healthy subjectsFerron, G.; Patat, A.; Parks, V.; Rolan, P.; Troy, S.
2003Pharmacokinetics of high-dose buprenorphine following single administration of sublingual tablet formulations in opioid naive healthy male volunteers under a naltrexone blockMcAleer, S.; Mills, R.; Polack, R.; Hussain, T.; Rolan, P.; Gibbs, A.; Mullins, F.; Hussein, F.
2003The effects of the phytoestrogenic isoflavone genistein on the hepatic disposition of preformed and hepatically generated gemfibrozil 1-O-acyl glucuronide in the isolated perfused rat liverLucas, Anthony N.; Brogan, Leonie Ruth; Nation, Roger L.; Milne, Robert W.; Evans, Allan Mark; Shackleford, David M.
2003Body position affects performance in untrained cyclistsAshe, M. C.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Frisken, P. I.; Amery, C. A.; Wilkins, M. A.; Khan, K. M.
2003Opioid effects and opioid withdrawal during a 24 h dosing interval in patients maintained on buprenorphineLopatko, O.; White, J.; Huber, A.; Ling, W.
2003In-patient benzodiazepine withdrawal: comparison of fixed and symptom-triggered taper methodsMcGregor, C.; Machin, A.; White, J.