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2009Unfaithful neurotransmitter transporters: focus on serotonin updake and implications for antidepressant efficacyDaws, L.
2003An evaluation of recent blood lead levels in Port Pirie, South AustraliaMaynard, E. J.; Thomas, Raylene; Simon, David; Phipps, Catherine; Ward, Carla; Calder, Ian Campbell
2005Opening the nasal valve with external dilators reduces congestive symptoms in normal subjectsLatte, J.; Taverner, David
2009Aspirin for primary prevention: do potential benefits outweigh the risks?Shakib, S.
2009The acceptability, safety, and tolerability of methadone/naloxone in a 50:1 ratioBell, J.; Shearer, J.; Ryan, A.; Graham, R.; Korompay, K.; Rizzo, S.; Sindhusake, D.; Somogyi, A.
2008Psychometric evaluation of the Amphetamine Cessation Symptom AssessmentMcGregor, C.; Srisurapanont, M.; Mitchell, A.; Longo, M.; Cahill, S.; White, J.
2005Rapid screening for potential cholesterol-lowering peptides using naturally derived micelle preparationKirana, Chandra; Rogers, P. F.; Bennett, Louise E.; Abeywardena, Mahinda Y.; Patten, Glen Stephen
2004Renal secretion of the antiviral nucleoside analog AM188 is inhibited by probenecid, p-aminohippuric acid, and cimetidine in the isolated perfused rat kidneyWang, Jiping; Nation, Roger L.; Evans, Allan Mark; Cox, Susan
2007Pharmacists' role in the post-discharge management of patients with heart failure: a literature reviewPonniah, A.; Anderson, B.; Shakib, S.; Doecke, C.; Angley, M.
2007Bacterial degradation of microcystin toxins in drinking water eliminates their toxicityHo, L.; Gaudieux, A.L.; Fanok, S.; Newcombe, G.; Humpage, A.