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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology: Editors' Report, November 2009Loke, Y.; Cohen, A.; Ferro, A.; Lewis, L.; Ritter, J.; Somogyi, A.
2010Editors' pick 2009Somogyi, A.; Loke, Y.; Ferro, A.; Lewis, L.; Cohen, A.; Ritter, J.
2010Fish oil and rheumatoid arthritis: past, present and futureJames, M.; Proudman, S.; Cleland, L.; International Immunonutrition Workshop (21 Oct 2010 : Spain)
2010Discordant effects of vitamin D deficiency in trabecular and cortical bone architecture and strength in growing rodentsLee, A.; Anderson, P.; Sawyer, R.; Moore, A.; Forwood, M.; Steck, R.; Morris, H.; O'Loughlin, P.
2010Automated extraction of DNA and RNA from a single formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section for analysis of both single-nucleotide polymorphisms and mRNA expressionHennig, G.; Gehrmann, M.; Stropp, U.; Brauch, H.; Fritz, P.; Eichelbaum, M.; Schwab, M.; Schroth, W.
2010Psychosocial treatment for methamphetamine use disorders: A preliminary randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavior therapy and acceptance and commitment therapySmout, M.; Longo, M.; Harrison, S.; Minniti, R.; Wickes, W.; White, J.
2010The combined impact of CYP2C19 and CYP2B6 pharmacogenetics on cyclophosphamide bioactivationHelsby, N.; Hui, C.; Goldthorpe, M.; Coller, J.; Soh, M.; Gow, P.; de Zoysa, J.; Tingle, M.
2010The psychostimulant check-up: A pilot study of a brief intervention to reduce illicit stimulant useSmout, M.; Longo, M.; Harrison, S.; Minniti, R.; Cahill, S.; Wickes, W.; White, J.
2010Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the short-acting sedative CNS 7056 in sheepUpton, R.; Somogyi, A.; Martinez, A.; Colvill, J.; Grant, C.
2010Pharmacogenetics in palliative careSomogyi, A.