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2010Role of pharmacogenomics in pain therapy: Focus on opioidsSomogyi, A.; Hardy, J.
2010Methamphetamine psychosis in Australia, Philippines, and Thailand: Recommendations for acute care and clinical inpatient managementAli, R.; Marsden, J.; Srisurapanont, M.; Sunga, A.; Baigent, M.; Monteiro, M.
2010Opioid antagonists under heavy sedation or anaesthesia for opioid withdrawalGowing, L.; Ali, R.; White, J.
2010Comorbidity in the elderly with diabetes: Identification of areas of potential treatment conflictsCaughey, G.; Roughead, E.; Vitry, A.; McDermott, R.; Shakib, S.; Gilbert, A.
2010Warfarin Indications, risks and drug interactionsTadros, R.; Shakib, S.
2010Comorbidity of chronic disease and potential treatment conflicts in older people dispensed antidepressantsCaughey, G.; Roughead, E.; Shakib, S.; McDermott, R.; Vitry, A.; Gilbert, A.
2010Changes in serial laboratory test results in snakebite patients: when can we safely exclude envenoming?Ireland, G.; Brown, S.; Buckley, N.; Stormer, J.; Currie, B.; White, J.; Spain, D.; Isbister, G.
2010Caveat anicula! Beware of quiet little old ladies Demographic features, pharmacotherapy, readmissions and survival in a 10-year cohort of patients with heart failure and preserved systolic functionWong, T.; Clark, R.; Dundon, B.; Philpott, A.; Molaee, P.; Shakib, S.
2010Noxious inhibition of temporal summation is impaired in chronic tension-type headacheCathcart, S.; Winefield, A.; Lushington, K.; Rolan, P.
2010Central mechanisms of stress-induced headacheCathcart, S.; Petkov, J.; Winefield, A.; Lushington, K.; Rolan, P.