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2010Caveat anicula! Beware of quiet little old ladies Demographic features, pharmacotherapy, readmissions and survival in a 10-year cohort of patients with heart failure and preserved systolic functionWong, T.; Clark, R.; Dundon, B.; Philpott, A.; Molaee, P.; Shakib, S.
2013Evaluation of pre-analysis loss of dependent drugs in wastewater: stability and binding assessmentsChen, C.; Kostakis, C.; Irvine, R.; Felgate, P.; White, J.
2013Membrane-permeable C-terminal dopamine transporter peptides attenuate amphetamine-evoked dopamine releaseRickhag, M.; Owens, W.; Winkler, M.; Strandfelt, K.; Rathje, M.; Sorensen, G.; Andresen, B.; Madsen, K.; Jorgensen, T.; Wortwein, G.; Woldbye, D.; Sitte, H.; Daws, L.; Gether, U.
2010Effect of CYP2B6, ABCB1, and CYP3A5 polymorphisms on efavirenz pharmacokinetics and treatment response: an AIDS Clinical Trials Group studyRibaudo, H.; Liu, H.; Schwab, M.; Schaeffeler, E.; Eichelbaum, M.; Motsinger-Reif, A.; Ritchie, M.; Zanger, U.; Acosta, E.; Morse, G.; Gulick, R.; Robbins, G.; Clifford, D.; Haas, D.
2010Regulation of CYP3A4 by pregnane X receptor: The role of nuclear receptors competing for response element bindingIstrate, M.; Nussler, A.; Eichelbaum, M.; Burk, O.
2013Ethanol self-administration in serotonin transporter knockout mice: unconstrained demand and elasticityLamb, R.; Daws, L.
2010Current status of therapeutic drug monitoring in Australia and New Zealand: A need for improved assay evaluation, best practice guidelines, and professional developmentNorris, R.; Martin, J.; Thompson, E.; Ray, J.; Fullinfaw, R.; Joyce, D.; Barras, M.; Jones, G.; Morris, R.
2010Frequently discordant results from therapeutic drug monitoring for digoxin: clinical confusion for the prescriberRogers, N.; Jones, T.; Morris, R.
2010Noxious inhibition of temporal summation is impaired in chronic tension-type headacheCathcart, S.; Winefield, A.; Lushington, K.; Rolan, P.
2011The generalized polymorphous concept account of graded structure in abstract categoriesVerheyen, S.; Stukken, L.; De Deyne, S.; Dry, M.; Storms, G.