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2010The impact of thyroid disease on the regulation, expression, and function of ABCB1 (MDR1/P-glycoprotein) and consequences for the disposition of digoxinBurk, O.; Brenner, S.; Hofmann, U.; Tegude, H.; Igel, S.; Schwab, M.; Eichelbaum, M.; Alscher, M.
2005Restoration of depressed prostanoid-induced ileal contraction in spontaneously hypertensive rats by dietary fish oilPatten, G.; Adams, M.; Dallimore, J.; Rogers, P.; Topping, D.; Abeywardena, M.
2010CYP2D6 polymorphisms as predictors of outcome in breast cancer patients treated with tamoxifen: Expanded polymorphism coverage improves risk stratificationSchroth, W.; Hamann, U.; Fasching, P.; Dauser, S.; Winter, S.; Eichelbaum, M.; Schwab, M.; Brauch, H.
2013Mass or molar? Recommendations for reporting concentrations of therapeutic drugsJones, G.; Bryant, S.; Fullinfaw, R.; Ilett, K.; Miners, J.; Morris, R.; Doogue, M.
2008Mice lacking the AMPA CluR1 receptor exhibit striatal hyperdopaminergia and 'schizophrenia-related' behaviorsWiedholz, L.; Owens, W.; Horton, R.; Feyder, M.; Hefner, K.; Sprengel, R.; Celikel, T.; Daws, L.; Holmes, A.
2007Opioid maintenance: a comparative review of pharmacological strategiesWhite, J.; Lopatko, O.
2007Selective induction of human hepatic cytochromes P450 2B6 and 3A4 by metamizoleSaussele, T.; Burk, O.; Blievernicht, J.; Nussler, A.; Nussler, N.; Hengstler, J.; Eichelbaum, M.; Schwab, M.; Zanger, U.
2007CB1-independent inhibition of dopamine transporter activity by cannabinoids in mouse dorsal striatumPrice, D.; Owens, W.; Gould, G.; Frazer, A.; Roberts, J.; Daws, L.; Giuffrida, A.
2007Hypoinsulinemia regulates amphetamine-induced reverse transport of dopamineWilliams, J.; Owens, W.; Turner, G.; Saunders, C.; Dipace, C.; Blakely, R.; France, C.; Gore, J.; Daws, L.; Avison, M.; Galli, A.
2007Rapid stimulation of presynaptic serotonin transport by A3 adenosine receptorsZhu, C.; Steiner, J.; Munn, J.; Daws, L.; Hewlett, W.; Blakely, R.