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2009State of the art survey of the buccal micronucleus assay-a first stage in the HUMNXL project initiativeBonassi, S.; Biasotti, B.; Kirsch-Volders, M.; Knasmueller, S.; Zeiger, E.; Burgaz, S.; Bolognesi, C.; Holland, N.; Thomas, P.; Fenech, M.
1996Oxidative metabolism of dihydrocodeine in Dark- Agouti and Sprague-Dawley rat liver microsomesKirkwood, L.; Nation, R.; Reynolds, G.; Somogyi, A.; Sansom, L.
1999Absorption of morphine from a slow-release emulsion used to induce morphine dependence in rats.Salem, A.; Hope, W.
1999Evaluation of the dose-response relationship for intra-nasal oxymetazoline hydrochloride in normal adultsTaverner, D.; Bickford, L.; Shakib, S.; Tonkin, A.
1999An overview of problems caused by toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) in drinking and recreational water.Falconer, I.
1999Steady-state pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in methadone maintenance patients: comparison of those who do and do not experience withdrawal and concentration-effect relationshipsDyer, K.; Foster, D.; White, J.; Somogyi, A.; Menelaou, A.; Bochner, F.
1995Effects of glyceryl trinitrate tolerance on vascular responsiveness to constrictor agents in bovine isolated coronary arteryZhang, C.; de la Lande, I.; Horowitz, J.
1995Pharmacokinetic considerations in gastrointestinal motor disordersHebbard, G.; Sun, W.; Bochner, F.; Horowitz, M.
1997Effects of gemfribozil and clofibric acid on the uptake of taurocholate by isolated rat hepatocytesSabordo, L.; Sallustio, B.
1996Aspirin: How low is low dose?Lloyd, J.; Bochner, F.