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2010Herbal medicines and forensic investigationsByard, R.; Musgrave, I.
2015A comparison of patterns of spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting with St. John's Wort and fluoxetine during the period 2000-2013Hoban, C.; Byard, R.; Musgrave, I.
2014Lethal hepatocellular necrosis associated with herbal polypharmacy in a patient with chronic hepatitis B infectionGilbert, J.; Musgrave, I.; Hoban, C.; Byard, R.
2013Açaí (Euterpe oleraceae Mart.) berry extract exerts neuroprotective effects against β-amyloid exposure in vitroWong, D.; Musgrave, I.; Harvey, B.; Smid, S.
2012Contrasting protective effects of cannabinoids against oxidative stress and amyloid-β evoked neurotoxicity in vitroHarvey, B.; Ohlsson, K.; Maag, J.; Musgrave, I.; Smid, S.
2013Use of serotonergic antidepressants and St John's wort in older Australians: A population-based cohort studyRahman, S.; Basilakis, J.; Rahmadi, A.; Lujic, S.; Musgrave, I.; Jorm, L.; Hay, P.; Munch, G.
2012Dietary polyphenol-derived protection against neurotoxic β-amyloid protein: from molecular to clinicalSmid, S.; Maag, J.; Musgrave, I.
2011The green tea polyphenol (−)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate inhibits amyloid-β evoked fibril formation and neuronal cell death in vitroHarvey, B.; Musgrave, I.; Ohlsson, K.; Fransson, A.; Smid, S.
2013An evaluation of pharmacology curricula in Australian science and health-related degree programsLloyd, H.; Hinton, T.; Bullock, S.; Babey, A.; Davis, E.; Fernandes, L.; Hart, J.; Musgrave, I.; Ziogas, J.
2013Dietary polyphenols as inhibitors of Β-amyloid-evoked neurotoxicity: implications for the treatment of Alzheimer's diseaseSmid, S.; Musgrave, I.