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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Editors' IntroductionRamos, J.; O'Connor, A.
2004From social foresight to social entrepreneurship: pathways to sustainabilityO'Connor, A.; Ramos, J.; Regional Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (1st : 2004 : Melbourne, Vic. Australia)
2007Evaluating an Australian public policy organization’s innovation capacityO'Connor, A.; Roos, G.; Vickers-Willis, T.
2009An analysis of government policy communication on entrepreneurship education in Australia: Spanning macro and micro economic implicationsO'Connor, A.; Cherry, N.; AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (6th : 2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2007Towards Human and Social Innovation: Not Wanting to Know in Order to CreateHayward, P.; Ramos, J.; O'Connor, A.; AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (4th : 2007 : Brisbane, QLD, Australia)
2006Defining entrepreneurship as a 'domain of practice': Implications for theory and research for policy and educationO'Connor, A.; Cherry, N.; Buckley, P.; AGSE Regional Research Exchange, (2006 : Auckland, New Zealand)
2002Discovering the Nexus between Entrepreneurship and Innovation : A Grounded Theory ApproachYamin, S.; O'Connor, A.; International Research Conference on Quality, Innovation and Knowledge Management (6th : 2002 : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
2006Embedding Entrepreneurship in a Regional Milieu through Youth Enterprise ProgramsO'Connor, A.; Mawson, F.; Langworthy, L.; Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference (29th : 2006: Cardiff, Wales, UK)
2006Empowering entrepreneurship through foresight and innovation : developing a theoretical framework for empowerment in enterprise programsO'Connor, A.; Ramos, J.
2009Converging Entrepreneurship education with business incubation: An exploration of the development process for entrepreneursO'Connor, A.; Burnett, H.; Hancock, G.; AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (6th : 2009 : Adelaide, Australia)