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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Alan Cruickshank: Blurred BoundariesNorth, I.
2004Aland, John Fortescue, first Baron Fortescue of Credan (1670–1746), judgeLemmings, D.
1998Albion Ascendant: English History 1660-1815Prest, W.
1999Albion Descendant? British History in Austral(as)ia and the History of Austral(as)iansPrest, W.
2003Alcohol and the clergy in traditional EuropeMartin, A.
2001Alcohol, Sex, and Gender in Late Medieval and early Modern EuropeMartin, A.
2009Alcohol, violence, and disorder in traditional EuropeMartin, A.
2012Ambiguous gender in early modern Spain and Portugal: inquisitors, doctors and the transgression of gender normsSoyer, F.
1998America and Americans in AustraliaMosler, David F.; Catley, Bob
2013The American Idea of England, 1776-1840: Transatlantic WritingClark, J.
2007An anatomy of Sugarlandia: Local Dutch communities and the colonial sugar industry in mid-nineteeth century Javavan Schaik, A.; Knight, G.
2017Ancient microbial DNA in dental calculus: a new method for studying rapid human migration eventsEisenhofer, R.; Anderson, A.; Dobney, K.; Cooper, A.; Weyrich, L.
2008'And four years space, being man and wife, they loveingly agreed': balladry and early modern understandings of marriageBarclay, K.
2007And the clock struck thirteen: the life and thoughts of Kaurna Elder Uncle Lewis Yerloburka O'BrienO'Brien, Lewis Yerloburka; Gale, Mary-Anne
1998The Anglo-Dutch Naval Wars 1652-1674Churches, C. M.; Hainsworth, R.
2001The Anglo-Scots wars, 1513-1550: A military historyHammer, Paul Edward Johnston
2004Anne [Anna, Anne of Denmark] (1574-1619), queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland, consort of James VI and IMeikle, M.; Payne, H.
1999Annexation in the Malay States: The Jervois PapersBurns, P. L.
2004Another turn of the wormAnkeny, R.
2004Answering a DoubtSantich, B.