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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The early development of the Japanese art collection of the Art Gallery of South AustraliaHarris, J.
2012East of the Cape in 1832: the old Indies world, empire families and "colonial women" in Nineteenth-century JavaKnight, G.
2002Eastern Europe and the origins of the Second World WarPrior, R.; Wilson, T.
1998Eastern Front and Western Front, 1916-1917Wilson, T.; Prior, R.
2006Ecological modernisation and environmental regulation: Corporate compliance and accountabilityElias, J.; Lee, R.
2001Edith Cavell: Martyr or patriot?Speck, C.
2004EditorialMagarey, S.
2001Edward Bates ScottFoster, R.
2011Eleanor Rivett (1883-1972): Educationalist, Missionary and InternationalistAllen, M.
2011Electrifying the HomeBulbeck, M.
2007An Elephant in the Room? Australian Elite Perceptions of the European UnionStats, K.
2006Elizabeth Evelinge, IIIWalker, C.
2001Elizabeth I: Collected worksHammer, Paul Edward Johnston
2001Elizabeth: ApprenticeshipHammer, Paul Edward Johnston
2004Elmy, Elizabeth Clarke Wolstenholme (1833–1918), campaigner for women's rightsHolton, Sandra Monica Janet
2002Embodying Bioethics: Recent Feminist AdvancesAnkeny, R.
2003The emergence of South Australian Anzac culture 1915-1925Pavils, Janice Gwenllian
1995Emond AugerMartin, Austin Lynn
2017Emotion, ritual and power in Europe, 1200-1920: family, state and churchBailey, M.; Barclay, K.
2017Emotion, ritual and power: from family to nationBailey, M.; Barclay, K.