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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Haig, Douglas, first Earl Haig (1861–1928), army officerPrior, R.; Wilson, T.
1995Hail and FarewellGammage, William L.
2012'A Halo of Protection': colonial protectors and the principle of aboriginal protection through punishmentNettelbeck, A.
2013The hand of historyPrior, R.
2001Hands versus machinesSantich, B.
2014Hang the convicts: capital punishment and the reaffirmation of South Australia's foundation principlesAnderson, S.; Sendziuk, P.J.
2017Happier chickens lay tastier eggs: motivations for buying free-range eggs in AustraliaBray, H.; Ankeny, R.
2007Harm reduction and HIV-prevention among injecting drug users in Australia: an international comparisonSendziuk, P.
2004Harris, Richard (1557/8–1621), Church of England clergyman and authorHammer, Paul Edward Johnston
2004Harvey, Sir Francis (c.1568–1632), judge and politicianPrest, W.
2004Hastings [née Davies], Lucy, countess of Huntingdon (1613–1679), noblewomanJeffries, Tania C.
2013HavenNorth, I.
2011having-been-thereCumpston, N.J.
2004Hawkyns, Henry (c.1553–1630), civil lawyer and diplomatic agentHammer, Paul Edward Johnston
2008Hearing community voices: public engagement in Australian human embryo research policy, 2005-2007Ankeny, R.; Dodds, S.
2013HEARTLAND: contemporary art from South AustraliaCumpston, N.; Slade, L.
2013HEARTLAND: contemporary art from South Australia - curated exhibitionSlade, L.A.
2013HEARTLAND: contemporary art from South Australia - exhibition catalogueCumpston, N.; Slade, L.A.; Curtin, P.; Patton, B.
2013Hell on Earth: Sandakan - Australia's greatest war tragedyCunningham, M.
2013Here and Now - Letters 2008-2011Coetzee, J.M.; Auster, Paul