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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Pagitt, Justinian (1611/12-1668), lawyer and diaristPrest, W.
2004Painting ghosts - Australian women artists in wartimeSpeck, C.
2006"Pandora's lunchbox" - on esthetic education, children, and foodHaden, R.
2000Paper yabber: The messenger and the messageFoster, R.
2005Paradigm shifts in the history of dietary advice in AustraliaSantich, B.
2007Paradoxical white: Imperial and postcolonial sugarKnight, G.; Historicising Whiteness Conference (Nov. 2006 : Melbourne, Australia)
1999Parental strategies and young children's snacking behaviour: a pilot studyMorton, H.; Campbell, K.; Santich, B.; Worsley, A.
2015Parrhêsia, free speech, and self-censorshipBaltussen, H.; Davis, P.
2012PassagesCastro, B.; Liew, K.; Young, J.
1996Passchendaele : the untold storyPrior, R.; Wilson, T.
2001Passions of the first wave feministsMagarey, S.
2006The Past and Future of the Adelaide Parkland OlivesHill, Craig; Adelaide Parklands Symposium (2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
2004Paul Best and the Limits of Toleration in Civil War EnglandMcGregor, J.
2005A peaceable historian at war: The passions of Trevor WilsonDare, R.
2007The Pearl : "A failed slave escape on the Potomac."Buchanan, T.
2013The penalty of a tyrant's law: landscapes of incarceration during the second slaveryBirch, K.; Buchanan, T.
2004Pengelly, Sir Thomas (1675–1730), judgeLemmings, D.
2005People and pro-poor innovation systemsVan Mele, P.; Salahuddin, A.; Magor, N.
2013Peopling the public history of motoring: men, machines, and museumsClark, J.
2005Perceptions of Post-WWII Croatian immigrants: The South Australian caseDrapac, V.