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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Race and (In)justice on the Mississippi: An Episode from "The Journals of the Davy Crockett"Buchanan, T.
2016'Race', intimacy and go-betweens in French-West Papuan encountersStarbuck, N.K.
2004Radcliffe, Margaret [name in religion Margaret Paul] (1582x5–1654), abbessWalker, C.
2011Rank and leadership in prisoner of war camps in the Far East 1942-1945Cunningham, M.
2001Rascals on the antebellum Mississippi:African American steamboat workers and the St Louis hangings of 1841.Buchanan, T.
2000Rations, co-existence, and the colonisation of Aboriginal labour in the South Australian pastoral industry, 1860-1911Foster, R.
2001Rations, Co-existence, and the Colonization of Aboriginal Labour in the South Australian Pastoral Industry, 1860-1911Foster, R.; Property Rights in the Colonial Imagination and Experience. Conference. (2001 : University of Victoria, BC, Canada)
2004Rawlinson, Henry Seymour, Baron Rawlinson (1864-1925), army officerPrior, R.; Wilson, T.
2004Raymond, Robert, first Baron Raymond (1673–1733), judgeLemmings, D.
2016Re-reading Bernard Smith on what constitutes Australian artSpeck, C.
2010A Real Bastard: Private Robert Stanley BastardColeman, L.
2013Recasting the heroic resistance ideal: Robert Bresson’s Un condamné à mort s’est échappéDrapac, V.
2008Reconnecting Australia's politically excluded: electronic pathways to electoral inclusionHill, L.; Alport, K.
2016Reconsidering religious vitality in Catholic England: household aspirations and educating the laity in Richard Whitford’s A werke for housholdersBailey, M.
2016Recovery, repositioning, and revision: new writing on Transatlantic literatureClark, J.
2015A recreation of visual engagement and the revelation of world views in Bronze Age ScotlandHigginbottom, G.; Smith, A.; Tonner, P.
2008Recusants, daughters and sisters in Christ: English nuns and their communities in the seventeenth centuryWalker, C.
2002Reduction Reconceptualized: Cystic Fibrosis as a Paradigm Case for Molecular MedicineAnkeny, R.
2000Reflecting on suffrage historyHolton, Sandra Monica Janet
2006Reflections on Don Dunstan's cultural and culinary journeyStrawhan, Peter D.