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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995UltramontanismMartin, Austin Lynn
2016Um modelo para outros países? Confiança e parceria como pedras angulares da resposta da Austrália ao VIH/sidaSendziuk, P.
2010Unbridling the tongues of women : a biography of Catherine Helen SpenceMagarey, S.
2009Uncounted Votes: Informal Voting in the House of Representatives as a Marker of Political Exclusion in AustraliaYoung, S.; Hill, L.
2012unDisclosed – 2nd National Indigenous Art TriennialCumpston, N.J.
2010Une expedition sous haute surveillance Le voyage aux Terres australes vu par les AnglaisWest-Sooby, J.
2006Union Jacks: Yankee sailors in the Civil War.Buchanan, T.
2003United notionsSpeck, C.
2010University-public sector research collaboration: mine the space, never mind the gapMackenzie, C.; Bacchi, C.
2003The unquiet western front: Britain role in literature and historyWilson, T.
2016Unsettling narratives: overcoming prejudices in the Hostel Stories projectAgutter, K.; Ankeny, R.
2016Unstable relations: the stable as a space of encounter from Stubbs to LandseerDowney, G.; Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual National Conference (AAANZ 2015) (24 Nov 2015 - 25 Nov 2015 : Brisbane, Qld)
2000UntitledMagarey, S.
2017The 'unwanteds' and 'non-compliants': 'unsupported mothers' as 'failures' and agents in Australia’s migrant Holding CentresKevin, C.; Agutter, K.
2002Upside-down sex: A virile nation and its underbelliesMagarey, S.
2010'Urban Degeneration and Rural Revitalisation': The South Australian Government's Youth Migration Scheme, 1913-14Grant, E.; Sendziuk, P.
2001Urban patronage in early modern England: Corporate boroughs, the landed elite and the Crown, 1580-1640Hammer, Paul Edward Johnston
2013Utopus?: a consideration of the life of Irrigationist, George ChaffeyHamilton-McKenzie, J.
1995Vagabond soldiers and deserters in Elizabethan NorthamptonThomas, D.
2015Valuing data in postgenomic biology: How data donation and curation practices challenge the scientific publication systemAnkeny, R.; Leonelli, S.