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2008Managing intentions: The end-of-life administration of analgesics and sedatives, and the possibility of slow euthanasiaDouglas, C.; Kerridge, I.; Ankeny, R.
2006Mixing metaphors in umbilical cord blood transplantationSamuel, G.; Ankeny, R.; Kerridge, I.
2004On not taking objective risk assessments at face valueAnkeny, R.; Kerridge, I.
2006Consent in crisis : the need to reconceptualize consent to tissue banking researchLipworth, W.; Ankeny, R.; Kerridge, I.
2007Direct-to-consumer advertising under the radar: the need for realistic drugs policy in AustraliaMackenzie, F.; Jordens, C.; Ankeny, R.; McPhee, J.; Kerridge, I.
2006The Scope of Public Discourse Surrounding Proposition 71: Looking Beyond the Moral Status of the EmbryoLysaght, T.; Ankeny, R.; Kerridge, I.
2007Public education and organ donation: untested assumptions and unexpected consequences.Lawlor, M.; Kerridge, I.; Ankeny, R.; Billson, F.
2009What's in a name? Searching the web for information about ethically contentious and emerging healthcare technologiesAxler, R.; Strong, K.; Jordens, C.; Ankeny, R.; Barlow-Stewart, K.; Kerridge, I.
2009Establishing the role of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis with human leucocyte antigen typing: what place do "saviour siblings" have in paediatric transplantation?Samuel, G.; Strong, K.; Kerridge, I.; Jordens, C.; Ankeny, R.; Shaw, P.
2005Religious perspectives on withdrawal of treatment from patients with multiple organ failureAnkeny, R.; Clifford, R.; Jordens, C.; Kerridge, I.; Benson, R.