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2001The African Renaissance: Reinventing African IdentityAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2003Between black and white: rethinking coloured identityAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Zegeye, A.
2001Beyond International Relations: Edward Said and the WorldAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Sullivan, Michael G.
1999Chapter Four: Discourses of Discovery: Transculturation and Sugar Plantations in AfricaAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2002Crisis in the union and multi-party democracy in TanzaniaAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Zegeye, A.
2006Delivering freedom: Australia's witnessing of Abu Ghraib (Abu Ghraib images)Ahluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2001Edward SaidAshcroft, Bill; Ahluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
1999Edward Said: the paradox of identityAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Ashcroft, Bill
1995Ethnography and the Historical Imagination by John and Jean Comaroff Boulder, San Francisco, Oxford, Westview Press, 1992. Pp. xiv+337. $63.50/43.00 pounds. $18.95/12.95 pounds paperback.Ahluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2001The evolution of orientalism and Africanist political scienceAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2003Fanon's nausea: the hegemony of the white nationAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
1996Founding Father Presidencies and the Rise of Authoritarianism. Kenya: A case studyAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
1997Founding Father Presidencies: The Case of Kenya and South AfricaAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; McEachern, Charmaine Ruth
1997Frantz Fanon and Edward Said: Decolonisation and the Search for IdentityNursey-Bray, Paul Frederick; Ahluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2001Frantz Fanon and Steve Biko: Towards liberationAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Zegeye, A.
1995From chaos to order: The politics of constitution making in UgandaAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Nursey-Bray, Paul Frederick
1998Human Rights in Africa: A Post-Colonial PerspectiveAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2001IntroductionAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Zegeye, A.
2002IntroductionAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Zegeye, A.
1997IntroductionNursey-Bray, Paul Frederick; Ahluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh