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2019Marketising Hindutva: The state, society and markets in Hindu NationalismChacko, P.
2018Foreign policy, ideas and state-building: India and the politics of international interventionChacko, P.
2018The rise and return of the Indo-Pacific: oceans, seas and civilisational linkagesDoyle, T.
2018The Australian Right in the “Asian Century”: Inequality and the Implications for Social DemocracyJohnson, C.
2018“More symbolic—more political—than substantive”: an interview with James R. Clapper on the U.S. Designation of Foreign Terrorist OrganizationsLegrand, T.
2018Comparing same-sex marriage in Australia and Canada: institutions and political willJohnson, C.; Tremblay, M.
2018A capitalising foreign policy: Regulatory geographies and transnationalised state projectsChacko, P.; Jayasuriya, K.
2017Compulsory voting and the promotion of human rights in AustraliaHill, L.
2017Cycling 'subjects' in ongoing-formation: the politics of interviews and interview analysisBonham, J.; Bacchi, C.
2017India's subnational governments foray into the international arenaJain, P.; Maini, T.
2017‘I am somewhat puzzled’: questions, audiences and securitization in the proscription of terrorist organizationsJarvis, L.; Legrand, T.
2017Policies as Gendering Practices: Re-Viewing Categorical DistinctionsBacchi, C.
2017Geoeconomics and Geosecurities in the Indian Ocean RegionDoyle, T.
2017Sexual citizenship in a comparative perspective: Dilemmas and insightsJohnson, C.
2017Counterterrorism policy in liberal-democratic societies: locating the ethical limits of national securityHenschke, A.; Legrand, T.
2017The natural/neglected relationship: liberalism, identity and India-Australia relationsChacko, P.; Davis, A.
2017Paradiplomacy as a provincial state-building project: The case of Yunnan’s relations with the Greater Mekong SubregionTubilewicz, C.
2017Schooling the public on boys: the ongoing salience in media representations of the "crisis" in boys' educationEate, P.; Beasley, C.; Papadelos, P.; Treagus, M.; Augoustinos, M.
2017Preaching to the converted: parliament and the proscription ritualJarvis, L.; Legrand, T.
2016The decolonial option: toward an ethic of Self-SecuringChacko, P.