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2002Market socialism in AfricaNursey-Bray, Paul Frederick
2019Marketising Hindutva: The state, society and markets in Hindu NationalismChacko, P.
1996Maurice Cranston, The Romantic MovementCorcoran, P.
2014Media transparency in China: rethinking rhetoric and realityXie, B.
2006A mediator on the world stage? - How the EU's commitment in foreign affairs is portrayed by New Zealand and Australian mediaRogahn, M.; Chaban, N.; Bain, J.; Stats, K.
2007Medicine: Placebo or protector?Ankeny, R.
2013Men/Masculinities: new directions in Australian theory and practiceHowson, R.; Beasley, C.; Augoustinos, M.
1996The Menzies era: A reappraisal of government, politics and policyStock, J.
2013Migrants' belongings: preliminary considerations of Greek and Italian migrants' travel trunks in the post-Second World War period of settlement to South AustraliaAgutter, K.; Bouvet, E.; Glenn, D.; Leader-Elliott, L.; Finnimore, C.; Cosmini-Rose, D.; Palaktsoglou, M.
2013Mind the gap? Masculinity studies and contemporary gender/sexuality thinkingBeasley, C.
1995Mining companies and the defence of natureMcEachern, Doug N.
1995Mining, meaning from the rhetoric of nature: Australian mining companies in MelanesiaMcEachern, Doug N.
2006Minority rightsBacchi, C.
2008Mirror reflections? The EU in print and broadcast media in the Asia-PacificChaban, N.; Bain, J.; Stats, K.; Sutthisripok, P.
2006Mobilising the youth vote: The future of British democracyHill, L.; Louth, J.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (25 Sep 2006 : Newcastle, Australia)
2004Modernization and the male-female suicide ratio in India 1967-1997: Divergence or convergence?Steen, D.; Mayer, P.
2014The Modi lahar (wave) in the 2014 Indian national election: a critical realignment?Chacko, P.; Mayer, P.
2018“More symbolic—more political—than substantive”: an interview with James R. Clapper on the U.S. Designation of Foreign Terrorist OrganizationsLegrand, T.
2001Multiparty democracy in Tanzania - Crisis in the unionAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh; Zegeye, A.
2015Myanmar and India: regimes of citizenship and the limits of geo-economic engagementChacko, P.; Davis, A.