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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Jersild, Austin. The Sino-Soviet Alliance: An International History. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2013. 352 pp. $36.95. ISBN 978-1-4696-1159-4Tubilewicz, C.
2002John Bright, radical politics, and the ethos of QuakerismHolton, Sandra Monica Janet
2000John Howard and the mainstreamJohnson, C.
2007John Howard's 'values' and Australian identityJohnson, C.
2006John Howard's UnAustraliaJohnson, C.; Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Annual Conference (17th : 2006 : Canberra)
2006John Howard: the great communicator: no, really!Van Onselen, P.; Errington, W.; Australian & New Zealand Communication Association International Conference (2006 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2007John Locke on the possession of land: Native title vs. the 'Principle' of Vacuum domiciliumCorcoran, P.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2007 : Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)
2009John Stuart Mill's classical pessimismCorcoran, P.; Australian Political Studies Association Conference (2009 : Macquarie University, NSW)
2009John Stuart Mill: The liberal pessimistCorcoran, P.; European Consortium for Political Research (5th : 2009 : Potsdam, Germany)
2008John Winston Howard: The definitive biographyErrington, W.; Van Onselen, P.
2004Just war or ethical peace? Moral discourses of strategic violence after 9/11Burke, Anthony D.
1996Kant's journey to VersaillesColtheart, Lenore
2008Kevin Rudd and the labour tradition: Economy, technology and social diversityJohnson, C.; Australasian Political Science Association Conference (2008 : Brisbane, Australia)
1996"La Fusion européenne" in romantic socialism, 1820–1840Corcoran, P.
1997La Teoria Encuentra a La Practica: Acciones Afirmativas Y Politica de CategoriasBacchi, C.
2009Labor and information technology: From neo-liberalism to nation-buildingJohnson, C.; Australian Political Studies Association Conference (2009 : Macquarie University, NSW)
2001Labor and the LeftJohnson, C.
1998Labour in TransitionO'Leary, Gregory Dominic
2011Leaders, Elites and Coalitions: The Politics of Free Public Services in Decentralised IndonesiaRosser, A.; Wilson, I.; Sulistiyanto, P.
2010Learning by the market: regulatory regionalism, Bologna, and accountability communitiesJayasuriya, K.