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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The MAGEEQ project: Identifying contesting meanings of "gender equality"Bacchi, C.
1995Magic MarketsConley, Tom
2010Mainstreaming and neoliberalism: a contested relationshipBacchi, C.; Eveline, J.
2003Mainstreaming and neoliberalism: a contested relationshipBacchi, C.; Eveline, J.
2010Mainstreaming politics: gendering practices and feminist theoryBacchi, C.; Eveline, J.
2003Making a nation state: Cultural identity, economic nationalism and sexuality in Australian historyJohnson, C.
2004Making democracy perform: Human development and civic community in IndiaMayer, P.
1998The Making of the Chinese Working ClassO'Leary, Gregory Dominic
2012Making politics fleshly: The ethic of social fleshBeasley, C.; Bacchi, C.
1995Malatesta and the Anarchist revolutionNursey-Bray, Paul Frederick
2009Male bodies at the edge of the world: Re-thinking hegemonic and 'other' masculinities in Australian cinemaBeasley, C.
1999Managing diversity: A contested conceptBacchi, C.
2001Managing equity: Mainstreaming and 'Diversity' in Australian UniversitiesBacchi, C.
2007Managing expectations: the Howard Government's WorkChoices information campaignVan Onselen, P.; Errington, W.
2015Managing maritime security risks in the Indian Ocean regionCordner, L.G.; Indian Ocean Naval Symposium Seminar (25 Mar 2014 - 28 Mar 2014 : Perth, Western Australia)
2011Managing regional risk: offshore oil and gas safety and security in the Asia-Pacific regionCordner, L.G.
2013Mapping the strength of village elites in IndiaMayer, P.
2010Maritime security in the Indian Ocean region: compelling and convergent agendasCordner, L.G.
2004Mark Latham and the ideology of the ALPJohnson, C.
2002Market socialism in AfricaNursey-Bray, Paul Frederick