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2011Naming and Shaming: The Baudin Expedition and the Politics of Nomenclature in the Terres AustralesFornasiero, F.; West-Sooby, J.
2006Nanotechnologies and corporate criminal liabilityWells, C.; Elias, J.
2013Narratives of 'terminal sedation', and the importance of the intention-foresight distinction in palliative care practiceDouglas, C.; Kerridge, I.; Ankeny, R.
2005Narratives of identity: Denying empathy in conservative discourses on race, class, and sexualityJohnson, C.
2000National and imperial identity: A triptych of Baltic Germans in Inner AsiaPatrikeeff, F.; Perkins, J.
2001National Identity Formation in the Baltic Provinces of the Russian Empire: The Skerst Family in the Nineteenth and Twentieth CenturiesPerkins, J.; Patrikeeff, F.
2017The natural/neglected relationship: liberalism, identity and India-Australia relationsChacko, P.; Davis, A.
2001Negotiating Difference: Debatable FeminismBeasley, C.
1996Negotiating the Politics of Inclusion: Women and Australian Labor Governments 1983-1995Johnson, C.
1999Negritude and Nativism: In Search of IdentityAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2014A new "special relationship"?: Power transitions, ontological security, and India-US relationsChacko, P.
2002New Chinese migrants in Europe: The case of the Chinese community in hungaryTubilewicz, C.
2015The new geo-economics of a "rising" India: state transformation and the recasting of foreign policyChacko, P.
2003New models of student housing and their impact on local communitiesMacintyre, C.
2007The new strangership: Adam Smith's commercial cosmopolitanismHill, L.; Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (30 Aug 2007 : Chicago)
2007New Trajectories for Political Regimes in Southeast AsiaJayasuriya, K.; Rodan, G.
2000New voices for social democracy, labor essays 1999-2000McCarthy, G.
2015The new ‘passive revolution’ of the green economy and growth discourse: maintaining the ‘sustainable development’ of neoliberal capitalismWanner, T.
2004The "new" cultural wars: "constructing" the National Museum of AustraliaMcCarthy, G.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2004 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2013News media and foreign policy narrative: Australian identity and the sale of uranium to China and IndiaDavis, A.; Brookes, S.; Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference (2013 : Perth, W.A.)