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2010Obeying organisational 'rules of relevance': gender analysis of policyEveline, J.; Bacchi, C.
2009Obeying organizational 'rules of relevance': Gender analysis of policyEveline, J.; Bacchi, C.
2003The obstinate memory in Australian filmsMcCarthy, G.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2003 : Hobart, Tasmania)
2008Occupational profile of ALP, LP and National MHRs 1949-2007: From divergence to convergenceMiragliotta, N.; Errington, W.; Australian Political Studies Association Conference (2008 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2013Offshore oil and gas safety and security in the Asia Pacific: the need for regional approaches to managing risksCordner, L.
2010Old Regions, New States: Why is Governance Weak in the Indus-Ganges Plain?Mayer, P.
2004On friendship and neccessitudo in Adam SmithHill, L.; McCarthy, P.
2010On membership and free movementTorresi, T.
2010On re-engaging AsiaElias, J.; Johnson, C.
2009On the alleged existence of a right not to voteHill, L.; Australian Political Studies Association Conference (2009 : Macquarie University, NSW)
2010On the justifiability of compulsory voting: Reply to LeverHill, L.
2002On the reasonableness of compelling citizens to vote: The Australian case.Hill, L.
1995Our rude parliamentarians are just victims, tooCorcoran, P.
2005Outside the state: Australian green politics and the public inquiry into uraniumDoyle, T.
2006The Pacific century and the post-Cold War worldPatrikeeff, F.; Jain, P.
2017Paradiplomacy as a provincial state-building project: The case of Yunnan’s relations with the Greater Mekong SubregionTubilewicz, C.
2014A parliament's right to choose: abortion law reform in South AustraliaParker, C.
2008Parliamentary architecture and political cultureMacintyre, C.
2006Parliamentary entitlements: questions of ethical use of public resourcesVan Onselen, P.; Errington, W.; Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics Conference (13th : 2006 : Sydney, New South Wales)
2007Parliamentary privilege and homosexual vilificationHill, L.