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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Race matters in BrazilCao, B.
2008Race, nation and sovereigntyMcCarthy, G.
2009Radical approachesJohnson, C.
2002"The raging beast within us all"? - Civil liberties and the 'war on terror'NasserEddine, M.
2009Railway as political catalyst: The Chinese eastern railway and the 1929 Sino-Soviet conflictPatrikeeff, F.
2007Railways and the Russo-Japanese War: transporting warPatrikeeff, F.; Shukman, H.
2009Re-engaging Europe: Assessing Rudd's European diplomacyStats, K.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2009 : Sydney, Australia)
2008Re-thinking Hegemonic Masculinity in a globilizing worldBeasley, C.
2012Re-thinking organisms: The impact of databases on model organism biologyLeonelli, S.; Ankeny, R.
2005Reading Europe: representations of the European Union in the Australian mediaStats, K.
1996Real Estate and Native TitleColtheart, Lenore
2007Reconnecting Australia's Politically Excluded: Electronic Pathways to Electoral InclusionHill, L.; Alport, K.
2005Reconstituting the global liberal order : legitimacy and regulationJayasuriya, K.
2002Reconstructing Labor: Tales of an 'aspirational' shadow ministryJohnson, C.
2002Recruitment and Employment Practices in a Multinational Firm: Gendered Divisions of Labour in Malaysia and BritainElias, Juanita Marie
2006Redefining ideology: Russia and Asia in the Putin eraPatrikeeff, F.
2003A reflection on the decline of parliament thesisMcCarthy, G.
2008Regionalising the state: political topography of regulatory regionalismJayasuriya, K.
2016The regionalization of capital in the patchwork economy and the transnationalization of the subnational stateCannon, D.; Jayasuriya, K.
2009Regulatory and market-based instruments in the governance of fisheries and marine protected areas in the Indian Ocean region: in search of cooperative governanceDoyle, T.; Haward, M.