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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Problematising current men/masculinities theorising: Theoretical and terminological debates todayBeasley, C.; GEXcel Theme 9 Symposium. Rethinking Transnational Dominance: Men and Other Creatures (2011 : Linköping, Sweden)
2009Male bodies at the edge of the world: Re-thinking hegemonic and 'other' masculinities in Australian cinemaBeasley, C.
2009Is masculinity studies increasingly the 'Odd Man' out?: Considersing problems and possibilities in contemporary gender/sexuality thinkingBeasley, C.; GEXcel Theme 2 - Deconstructing the hegemony of men and masculinities (27-APR-09 : Sweeden)
2009The Challenge of Pleasure: Let's Talk about Sex in Gender-Masculinity StudiesBeasley, C.; GEXcel Theme2: Deconstructing the Hegemony of Men and Masculinities (2009 : Linköping & Örebro Universities, Sweden)
2012Transforming first-year university politics students into critical thinkersBeasley, C.; Cao, B.
2010Ambivalent globalization, amorphous vulnerable nationalism Considering debates about nation and national positioning within the global from the point of view of young AustraliansBeasley, C.; Bulbeck, M.; McCarthy, G.
2006Speaking of feminism...what are we arguing about?Beasley, C.
2006'Australians are always boring, overly religious and try to be American': 'vulnerable nationalism' among young AustraliansBulbeck, M.; Beasley, C.; McCarthy, G.; Australian Sociological Association. Conference (2006 : Perth, Western Australia)
2008Guest editorial: Re-imaginging preventive healthBeasley, C.; Warin, M.
2011Libidinous politics: heterosex, 'transgression' and social changeBeasley, C.