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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Addenda EudemeaBaltussen, J.
2006Alexander the Great. Selections from Arrian, Diodorus, Plutarch, and Quintus Curtius.Moloney, Eoghan
2007An alternative test for weak form efficiency based on technical analysisLoh, Yee L. E.
2015Ancient philosophers on the sense of smellBaltussen, J.N.
2008'Ancient Tyranny', by S. Lewis (ed.)Moloney, Eoghan
2010Angst and indentity in Antioch following the Riot of StatuesSitzler, S.
2011Another Look at the Origins of Iron Age II Cast Glass Vessels in the LevantO'Hea, M.
2000The archaeology of somewhere-else: a brief survey of Classical and Near Eastern archaeology in AustraliaO'Hea, M.
2015Argo's Flavian politics: the workings of power in Valerius FlaccusDavis, P.
2006Aristote. De la generation et la corruption by Marwan Rashed. (Review)Baltussen, J.
2014Aristotelian commentary traditionBaltussen, J.
2010Aspects of identity-construction and cultural mimicry amond Dalmatian Sailors in the Roman NavyDzino, D.
2005Attire in Ammianus and Gregory of ToursNewbold, R.
2015A bark worse than his bite? Diogenes the Cynic and the politics of tolerance in AthensBaltussen, H.
2008"Becoming Slav", "Becoming Croat": New approaches in the research of identities in post-Roman IllyricumDzino, Danijel
2009The Bellum Batonianum in contemporary historiographical narratives: In a search for the post-modern Bato The DaesitiateDzino, Danijel
2004Benefits and Moral Development in Apuleius' MetamorphosesNewbold, R.
2003Between magic and religion. Interdisciplinary studies in ancient Mediterranean religion and societyJennings, Victoria Jane
2014Between the old Rome and the new: imperial co-operation ca. 400-500 CEMcEvoy, M.A.; 17th Biennial Conference (AABS) (20 Jul 2012 - 21 Jul 2012 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2009Borrowed Plumes: Phaedrus' Fables, Phaedrus' FailuresJennings, V.