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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Click here: The impact of new media on the encoding of persuasive messages in direct marketingCheung, M.
2006New media and sales promotion discourse: Implications on social strategy of credibility enhancement and persuasionCheung, M.; Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (56th : 2006 : Dreseden, Germany)
2009Communicating through the visuals: An experimental study on creativity and advertising designCheung, M.; Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (59th : 2009 : Chicago, Illinois)
2009Chinartscapes and the Chinese glocalization dreamCheung, M.; Annual Convention of the National Communication Association (95th : 2009 : Chicago, USA)
2008Creativity in communication design: A study on divergent thinkingCheung, M.; Congress of the Americas (2nd : 2008 : Mexico City, Mexico)
2009Sales promotion communication as social processes and schematic structuresCheung, M.
2008Print parallel coupling wideband filters on Al2O3 ceramic substrateYang, C.; Huang, C.; Chen, W.; Cheung, M.; Cheng, C.; Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (2008 : Macau)
2007Persuasive communication through sales email: the interplay of belief, interaction, and languageCheung, M.
2007Fabricate rectangle-patch and square notch based 2.4/5.2GHz dual-band bandpass filter on ceramicYang, C.; Tzou, W.; Cheung, M.; International Conference on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuit (2007 : Tainan, Taiwan)
2007Sales promotion communication in the new media ageCheung, M.