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2004Land capability assessment and estimation of pastoral potential of semiarid rangeland in South AustraliaSquires, V. R.; Bennett, Fiona Jean
2013Land evaluation interpretations and decision support systems: soil survey of Abu Dhabi EmirateKing, P.; Grealish, G.; Shahid, S.; Abdelfattah, M.
2005Land plants and DNA barcodes: short-term and long-term goalsChase, M.; Salamin, N.; Wilkinson, M.; Dunwell, J.; Kesanakurthi, R.; Haider, N.; Savolainen, V.
1995Land rental decisionsBoast, C. M.
2012Landmark Papers: No. 1. organic matter and water-stable aggregates in soilsTisdall, J.; Oades, J.
2015Landscape scale survey of indicators of soil health in grazing systemsDamsma, K.; Rose, M.; Cavagnaro, T.
2001A landscape-scale test of the predictive ability of a spatially explicit model for population viability analysisLindenmayer, David B.; Ball, Ian R.; Possingham, Hugh Philip; McCarthy, Michael A.; Pope, M. L.
2004The large PAO cells in full-scale EBPR biomass samples are not yeast spores but possibly novel members of the β-ProteobacteriaChua, A.; Eales, K.; Mino, T.; Seviour, R.
2004Large-scale analysis of the barley transcriptome based on expressed sequence tagsZhang, H.; Sreenivasulu, N.; Weschke, W.; Stein, N.; Rudd, S.; Radchuk, V.; Potokina, E.; Scholz, U.; Schweizer, P.; Zierold, U.; Langridge, P.; Varshney, R.; Wobus, U.; Graner, A.
2006Large-scale gene discovery in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum (Hemiptera)Sabater-Munoz, B.; Legeai, F.; Rispe, C.; Bonhomme, J.; Dearden, P.; Dossat, C.; Duclert, A.; Gauthier, J.; Giblot Ducray, D.; Hunter, W.; Dang, P.; Kambhampati, S.; Martinez-Torres, D.; Cortes, T.; Moya, A.; Nakabachi, A.; Philippe, C.; Prunier-Leterme, N.; Rahbe, Y.; Simon, J.; et al.
2020Large-scale Trichoderma diversity was associated with ecosystem, climate and geographic locationHu, J.; Zhou, Y.; Chen, K.; Li, J.; Wei, Y.; Wang, Y.; Wu, Y.; Ryder, M.; Yang, H.; Denton, M.
2012A large-scale, open-top system to increase temperature in realistic vineyard conditionsSadras, V.; Bubner, R.; Moran, M.
2020A laser ablation technique maps differences in elemental composition in roots of two barley cultivars subjected to salinity stressShelden, M.C.; Gilbert, S.E.; Tyerman, S.D.
2009Laser Doppler imaging in a paediatric burns populationMill, J.; Cuttle, L.; Harkin, D.; Kravchuk, O.; Kimble, R.
1998Late events and the regulation of keratinocyte differentation in hair and feather folliclesRogers, G.; Dunn, S.; Powell, B.
2009Late maturity α-amylase in synthetic hexaploid wheatMrva, K.; Cheong, J.; Yu, B.; Law, H.; Mares, D.
2007Late maturity α-amylase in wheat - new challengesMrva, K.; Cheong, J.; Mares, D.; Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference (57th : 2007 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2005Late pregnancy increases hepatic expression of insulin-like growth factor-I in well nourished guinea pigsGrant, P.; Kind, K.; Roberts, C.; Sohlstrom, A.; Owens, P.; Owens, J.
2017Late pruning and carry-over effects on phenology, yield components and berry traits in ShirazMoran, M.; Sadras, V.; Petrie, P.
2018Late pruning impacts on chemical and sensory attributes of Shiraz wineMoran, M.; Bastian, S.; Petrie, P.; Sadras, V.