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2015Accumulation of glycoconjugates of 3-methyl-4-hydroxyoctanoic acid in fruits, leaves, and shoots of Vitis vinifera cv. Monastrell following foliar applications of oak extract or oak lactonePardo-Garcia, A.; Wilkinson, K.; Culbert, J.; Lloyd, N.; Alonso, G.; Salinas, M.
2017Accumulation of guaiacol glycoconjugates in fruit, leaves and shoots of Vitis vinifera cv. Monastrell following foliar applications of guaiacol or oak extract to grapevinesPardo-Garcia, A.; Wilkinson, K.; Culbert, J.; Lloyd, N.; Alonso, G.; Salinas, M.
2014Accumulation of N-acetylglucosamine oligomers in the plant cell wall affects plant architecture in a dose-dependent and conditional mannerVanholme, B.; Vanholme, R.; Turumtay, H.; Goeminne, G.; Cesarino, I.; Goubet, F.; Morreel, K.; Rencoret, J.; Bulone, V.; Hooijmaijers, C.; De Rycke, R.; Gheysen, G.; Ralph, J.; De Block, M.; Meulewaeter, F.; Boerjan, W.
2019Accumulation of volatile phenol glycoconjugates in grapes following grapevine exposure to smoke and potential mitigation of smoke taint by foliar application of kaolinvan der Hulst, L.; Munguia, P.; Culbert, J.; Ford, C.; Burton, R.; Wilkinson, K.
2011An accurate DNA marker assay for stem rust resistance gene Sr2 in wheatMago, R.; Brown-Guedira, G.; Dreisigacker, S.; Breen, J.; Jin, Y.; Singh, R.; Appels, R.; Lagudah, E.; Ellis, J.; Spielmeyer, W.
2011Accurate inference of shoot biomass from high-throughput images of cereal plantsgolzarian, M.; Frick, R.; Rajendran, K.; Berger, B.; Roy, S.; Tester, M.; Lun, D.
2014Acetic acid bacteria isolated from grapes of South Australian vineyardsMateo, E.; Torija, M.; Mas, A.; Bartowsky, E.
2008Acetic acid bacteria spoilage of bottled red wine-a reviewBartowsky, E.; Henschke, P.
2018An acid test: Facile SI-ARGET-ATRP of methacrylic acidMichl, T.D.; Jung, D.; Pertoldi, A.; Shulte, A.; Mocny, P.; Klok, H.-.A.; Schonherr, H.; Giles, C.; Griesser, H.J.; Coad, B.R.
1995Acid-tolerance and symbiotic effectiveness of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. Trifolii isolated from subterranean clover growing in permanent pasturesSlattery, J.; Coventry, D.
2007Actin filaments modulate hypoosmotic-responsive K+ efflux channels in specialised cells of developing bean seed coatsZhang, W.; Patrick, J.; Tyerman, S.
1999Activation of the gut-associated lymphoid tissue with expression of interleukin-2 receptors that peaks during weaning in the ratMasjedi, M.; Tivey, D.; Thompson, F.; Cummins, A.
2007Activation tagging systems in riceJohnson, A.; Yu, S.; Tester, M.
2002Active adaptive management in insect pest and weed control: Intervention with a plan for learningShea, K.; Possingham, Hugh Philip; Murdoch, W. W.; Roush, Richard Tyrone
2015Active site cleft mutants of Os9BGlu31 transglucosidase modify acceptor substrate specificity and allow production of multiple kaempferol glycosidesKomvongsa, J.; Luang, S.; Marques, J.; Phasai, K.; Davin, L.; Lewis, N.; Ketudat Cairns, J.
1997Adaptation and complementarity of Digitaria eriantha and Medicago sativa on a solodic soil in a subhumid environment with summer and winter rainfallTow, Philip; Lovett, J. V.; Lazenby, A.
2018Adaptation factors of agroforestry systems in NepalCedamon, E.; Nuberg, I.; Pandit, B.; Shrestha, K.
1999Adaptation of Lupinus angustifolius L. and L. pilosus Murr. to calcareous soilsBrand, J.; Tang, C.; Rathjen, A.
2009Adaptation to climate change of wheat growing in South Australia: Analysis of management and breeding strategiesLuo, Q.; Bellotti, W.; Williams, M.; Wang, E.
2014Adapting importation policy to global commodity markets: implications of rice import allocation in SingaporeTey, Y.; Brindal, M.