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2014Nutrient interactions and arbuscular mycorrhizas: a meta-analysis of a mycorrhiza-defective mutant and wild-type tomato genotype pairWatts-Williams, S.; Cavagnaro, T.
2009Nutrient management for rainfed lowland rice in northeast ThailandHaefele, S.; Konboon, Y.
2000Nutrient partitioning between wool and meat production in merino phenotypesMitchell, M.; Revell, D.; Ingham, V.; Hynd, P.
2013Nutrient release from composts into the surrounding soilDuong, T.; Verma, S.; Penfold, C.; Marschner, P.
2013Nutrient requirements differ in two Pedicularis species in the absence of a host plant: implication for driving forces in the evolution of host preference of root hemiparasitic plantsLi, A.; Li, Y.; Smith, S.; Smith, F.; Guan, K.
2003Nutrient retranslocation hypothesis: a subset of the flush-feeding/senescence feeding hypothesisWhite, T.
2001Nutrient transport across symbiotic membranes from legume nodulesDay, D.; Kaiser, B.; Thomson, R.; Udvardi, M.; Moreau, S.; Puppo, A.
1999Nutrient uptake and distribution by bread and durum wheat under drought conditions in South AustraliaZubaidi, A.; McDonald, G.; Hollamby, G.
2013Nutrient use efficiencyMcDonald, G.; Bovill, W.; Huang, C.; Lightfoot, D.
2017Nutrient utilisation in grower pigs fed a protein concentrate blended with sweet potato roots either boiled or ensiled with or without vinesDom, M.; Ayalew, W.; Glatz, P.; Kirkwood, R.; Hughes, P.
2014Nutrient variability in phloem: examining changes in K, Mg, Zn and Fe concentration during grain loading in common wheat (Triticum aestivum)Palmer, L.; Palmer, L.; Rutzke, M.; Graham, R.; Stangoulis, J.
2003Nutriprevention of disease with high-selenium wheatLyons, G.; Stangoulis, J.; Graham, R.
2002Nutrition and wool growthHynd, P.; Masters, D.
1996Nutrition during fetal life alters annual wool production and quality in young Merino sheepKelly, R.; MacLeod, I.; Hynd, P.; Greeff, J.
2002Nutrition during mid to late pregnancy does not affect the birthweight response to mid pregnancy shearingKenyon, P. R.; Morris, S. T.; Revell, Dean Kingsley; McCutcheon, S. N.
2014Nutritional adequacy of goat milk infant formulas for term infants: a double-blind randomised controlled trialZhou, S.; Sullivan, T.; Gibson, R.; Loennerdal, B.; Prosser, C.; Lowry, D.; Makrides, M.
2013Nutritional approaches to breaking the intergenerational cycle of obesityMuhlhausler, B.; Gugusheff, J.; Ong, Z.; Vithayathil, M.
2000The nutritional biochemistry of wool and hair folliclesHynd, P.
2015Nutritional ecology beyond the individual: a conceptual framework for integrating nutrition and social interactionsLihoreau, M.; Buhl, J.; Charleston, M.; Sword, G.; Raubenheimer, D.; Simpson, S.
2013Nutritional impacts of a fruit and vegetable subsidy programme for disadvantaged Australian Aboriginal childrenBlack, A.P.; Vally, H.; Morris, P.; Daniel, M.; Esterman, A.; Karschimkus, C.S.; O'Dea, K.