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2013Temporal and spatial patterns of soil water extraction and drought resistance among genotypes of a perennial C4 grassZhou, Y.; Lambrides, C.; Roche, M.; Duff, A.; Fukai, S.
2007Temporal relationship between infestation with lice (Bovicola ovis Schrank) and the development of pruritic behaviour and fleece derangement in sheepJames, P.; Bartholomaeus, F.; Karlsson, L.
2014Temporary storage or permanent removal? The division of nitrogen between biotic assimilation and denitrification in stormwater biofiltration systemsPayne, E.; Fletcher, T.; Russell, D.; Grace, M.; Cavagnaro, T.; Evrard, V.; Deletic, A.; Hatt, B.; Cook, P.
2017Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of edible oilsDinovitser, A.; Valchev, D.; Abbott, D.
2009Teratodiplogaster fignewmani gen. nov., sp nov (Nematoda: Diplogastridae) from the Syconia of Ficus racemosa in AustraliaKanzaki, N.; Giblin-Davis, R.; Davies, K.; Ye, W.; Center, B.; Thomas, W.
2012Teratodiplogaster martini n. sp. and Parasitodiplogaster doliostoma n. sp. (Nematoda: Diplogastridae) from the syconia of Ficus species from AfricaKanzaki, N.; Giblin-Davis, R.; Davies, K.; Center, B.
2015Terpenoids and their role in wine flavour: recent advancesBlack, C.; Parker, M.; Siebert, T.; Capone, D.; Francis, I.
2011Terra Preta Australis: Reassessing the carbon storage capacity of temperate soilsDownie, A.; Van Zwieten, L.; Smernik, R.; Morris, S.; Munroe, P.
2009Terrestrial invertebratesJennings, J.; Austin, A.; Davies, K.; Harvey, M.; Hirst, D.; Taylor, G.
1996Terrestrial InvertebratesAustin, A.; Baker, G.; Colman, P.; Fisher, R.; Harvey, M.; Hirst, D.; Locket, N.; Reay, F.
2009Testing consumer acceptability of new crops: an integrated sensory and marketing approach using muntries, an Australian native berrySchultz, C.; Apps, D.; Johnson, T.; Bastian, S.
2009Testing mating disruption of the horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in field tentsSiekmann, Gitta; Meyhofer, Rainer; Hommes, Martin
1996Testing of a GIS model of Eucalyptus largiflorens health on a semiarid, saline floodplainTaylor, Peter; Walker, Glen R.; Hodgson, Geoff; Hatton, Thomas J.; Correll, Ray L.
2000Testing spatial PVA models of Australian treecreepers (Aves: Climacteridae) in fragmented forestMcCarthy, Michael A.; Lindenmayer, David B.; Possingham, Hugh Philip
2001Testing the accuracy of population viability analysisMcCarthy, Michael A.; Possingham, Hugh Philip; Day, Jeremy R.; Tyre, R. A. J.
2003Testing the initial endowment effect in experimental auctionsLoureiro, M.; Umberger, W.; Hine, S.
1996The testis is not the major source of circulating follistatin in the ramTilbrook, A. J.; de Kretser, David Morrits; Dunshea, F. R.; Klein, R.; Robertson, David M.; Clarke, Iain J.; Maddocks, Simon
2015Tetrapyrrole-based drought stress signallingNagahatenna, D.; Langridge, P.; Whitford, R.
1996Thelytoky in Taeniogonalos venatoria Riek (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) with notes on its distribution and first record of the male sexWeinstein, P.; Austin, A.
2018A theoretical exploration of dietary collective medication in social insectsPoissonnier, L.; Lihoreau, M.; Gomez-Moracho, T.; Dussutour, A.; Buhl, J.