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2017Towards an open, collaborative, reusable framework for sharing hands-on bioinformatics training workshopsWatson-Haigh, N.; Revote, J.; Suchecki, R.; Tyagi, S.; Corley, S.; Shang, C.; McGrath, A.
2016Towards development of a Wine Neophobia Scale (WNS): measuring consumer wine neophobia using an adaptation of The Food Neophobia Scale (FNS)Ristic, R.; Johnson, T.; Meiselman, H.; Hoek, A.; Bastian, S.
2000Towards the biological control of powdery mildew of grapevines in cool climate viticulture in AustraliaCrisp, P.; Scott, E.; Wicks, T.
2005Towards tools for 'seamless' modification of genes in industrial yeastWalker, M.; Vystavelova, A.; Pedlar, S.; Eglinton, J.; Jiranek, V.; Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference (12th : 2004 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2001Towards understanding the genetic basis of adaptation to low rainfall environments.Eglinton, J.; Baum, M.; Grando, S.; Ceccarelli, S.; Barr, A.; In proceedings of the 10th Aust Barley Technical Symposium (Canberra, ACT)
2003Trace element uptake and distribution in plantsGraham, R.; Stangoulis, J.
2008Trade-Off between Iron Uptake and Protection against Oxidative Stress: Deletion of cueO Promotes Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Virulence in a Mouse Model of Urinary Tract InfectionTree, J.; Ulett, G.; Ong, C.; Trott, D.; McEwan, A.; Schembri, M.
2002Trade-offs for wireless transcutaneous RF communication in biotelemetric applicationsPitz, I.; Hall, L.; Hansen, H.; Varadan, V.; Bertram, C.; Maddocks, S.; Enderling, S.; Saint, D.; Al-Sarawi, S.; Abbott, D.; International Symposium on Smart Materials, Nano- and Micro-Smart Systems (2002 : Melbourne, Australia)
2014Traffic monitors at the cell periphery: the role of cell walls during early female reproductive cell differentiation in plantsTucker, M.; Koltunow, A.
2012Trait dissection of salinity tolerance with plant phenomicsBerger, B.; de Regt, S.; Tester, M.
2014Transcript and metabolite profiling for the evaluation of tobacco tree and poplar as feedstock for the bio-based industryRuprecht, C.; Tohge, T.; Fernie, A.; Mortimer, C.; Kozlo, A.; Fraser, P.; Funke, N.; Cesarino, I.; Vanholme, R.; Boerjan, W.; Morreel, K.; Burgert, I.; Gierlinger, N.; Bulone, V.; Schneider, V.; Stockero, A.; Navarro, J.; Pudel, F.; Tambuyser, B.; Hygate, J.; et al.
2005The transcript composition of egg cells changes significantly following fertilization in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Sprunck, S.; Baumann, U.; Edwards, K.; Langridge, P.; Dresshaus, T.
2010Transcript elongation by RNA polymerase IISelth, L.; Sigurdsson, S.; Svejstrup, J.
2007The transcription factor HIG1/MYB51 regulates indolic glucosinolate biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thalianaGigolashvili, T.; Berger, B.; Mock, H.; Muller, C.; Weisshaar, B.; Flugge, U.
2005Transcriptional activity of male gamete-specific histone gcH3 promoter in sperm cells of Lilium longiflorumOkada, T.; Bhalla, P.; Singh, M.
2012Transcriptional regulation of Arabidopsis MIR168a and ARGONAUTE1 homeostasis in abscisic acid and abiotic stress responsesLi, W.; Cui, X.; Meng, Z.; Huang, X.; Xie, Q.; Wu, H.; Jin, H.; Zhang, D.; Liang, W.
2014Transcriptional regulation of cuticle biosynthesisBorisjuk, N.; Hrmova, M.; Lopato, S.
2003Transcriptional silencing of geminiviral promoter-driven transgenes following homologous virus infectionSeemanpillai, M.; Dry, I.; Randles, J.; Rezaian, M.
2019Transcriptional variation is associated with differences in shoot sodium accumulation in distinct barley varietiesAmarasinghe, S.; Watson-Haigh, N.; Byrt, C.; James, R.; Qiu, J.; Berkowitz, O.; Whelan, J.; Roy, S.; Gilliham, M.; Baumann, U.
2012Transcriptome analysis at four developmental stages of grape berry (Vitis vinifera cv. Shiraz) provides insights into regulated and coordinated gene expressionSweetman, C.; Wong, D.; Ford, C.; Drew, D.