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2005Transgenic alfalfa secretes a fungal endochitinase protein to the rhizosphereTesfaye, M.; Denton, M.; Samac, D.; Vance, C.
2003Transgenic plants expressing two Bacillus thuringiensis toxins delay insect resistance evolutionZhao, Jian-Zhou; Cao, Jun; Yaxin, Hilda L.; Collins, Helen Marie; Roush, Richard Tyrone; Earle, Elizabeth D.; Shelton, Anthony Minot
2003Transgenic Plants with Controlled Distribution of a Trait to ProgenyWerner, S.; Giritch, A.; Eliby, S.; Marillonnet, S.; Klimyuk, V.; Gleba, Y.
2012A transgenic transcription factor (TaDREB3) in barley affects the expression of microRNAs and other small non-coding RNAsHackenberg, M.; Shi, B.; Gustafson, P.; Langridge, P.
1998Transient retardation in embryo growth in normal female mice made pregnant by males whose testes had been heatedSetchell, B.; Ekpe, G.; Zupp, J.; Surani, M.
2017Transition from a maternal to external nitrogen source in maize seedlingsSabermanesh, K.; Holtham, L.; George, J.; Roessner, U.; Boughton, B.; Heuer, S.; Tester, M.; Plett, D.; Garnett, T.
2017The transition from somatic to germline identity shows conserved and specialized features during angiosperm evolutionLora, J.; Herrero, M.; Tucker, M.; Hormaza, J.
2019Translating auxin responses into ovules, seeds and yield: insight from Arabidopsis and the cerealsShirley, N.J.; Aubert, M.K.; Wilkinson, L.G.; Bird, D.C.; Lora, J.; Yang, X.; Tucker, M.R.
2017Translating knowledge about abiotic stress tolerance to breeding programmesGilliham, M.; Able, J.; Roy, S.
1997Transmission of Botrytis cinerea by lightbrown apple moth larvae on grapesBailey, Peter Thomas; Ferguson, K. L.; McMahon, R.; Wicks, Trevor Jon
1999Transmission of viroids via grape seedsWan Chow Wah, Y. F.; Symons, R. H.
2009Transpiration efficiency of rice (Oryza sativa L.)Haefele, S.; Siopongco, J.; Boling, A.; Bouman, B.; Tuong, T.
2017Transpiration sensitivity to evaporative demand across 120 years of breeding of Australian wheat cultivarsSchoppach, R.; Fleury, D.; Sinclair, T.; Sadok, W.
2016Transport and retention of bacteria and viruses in biochar-amended sandSasidharan, S.; Torkzaban, S.; Bradford, S.; Kookana, R.; Page, D.; Cook, P.
2013Transport of silver nanoparticles in saturated columns of natural soilsCornelis, G.; Pang, L.; Doolette, C.; Kirby, J.; McLaughlin, M.
1995Transport of zinc and manganese to developing wheat grainsPearson, J. N.; Rengel, Zdenko; Jenner, Colin F.; Graham, Robin David
2013Transposon-mediated alteration of TaMATE1B expression in wheat confers constitutive citrate efflux from root apicesTovkach, A.; Ryan, P.; Richardson, A.; Lewis, D.; Rathjen, T.; Ramesh, S.; Tyerman, S.; Delhaize, E.
2006Tree water sources over shallow, saline groundwater in the lower River Murray, south-eastern Australia: implications for groundwater recharge mechanismsHolland, K.; Tyerman, S.; Mensforth, L.; Walker, G.
2003Trees on the farm: adopting the adoption potential of agroforestry practices in AfricaNuberg, I.
2009Trees protecting dryland crops and soilNuberg, I.; Bennell, M.