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2002D-amino acid residue in the C-type natriuretic peptide from the venom of the mammal, Ornithorhynchus anatinus, the Australian platypusTorres, A.; Menz, I.; Alewood, P.; Bansal, P.; Lahnstein, J.; Gallagher, C.; Kuchel, P.
2014Dairy effluent treatment and lipids production by Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Euglena gracilis: study on open and closed systemsYadavalli, R.; Rao, C.; Rao, R.; Potumarthi, R.
2002Damage threshold of Meloidogyne incognita for the establishment of grapevinesQuader, M. M.; Riley, Ian Timothy; Walker, G. E.
2011Damage to roots of Trifolium subterraneum L. (subterranean clover), failure of seedlings to establish and the presence of root pathogens during autumn-winterSimpson, Richard J.; Richardson, Alan E.; Riley, Ian Timothy; McKay, Alan C.; McKay, Suzanne Faye; Ballard, Ross A.; Ophel-Keller, Kathy; Hartley, D.; O'Rourke, Tiernan A.; Li, Hua; Sivasithamparam, Krishnapillai; Ryan, Megan H.; Barbetti, Martin John
2018DAWN: a resource for yielding insights into the diversity among wheat genomesWatson-Haigh, N.; Suchecki, R.; Kalashyan, E.; Garcia, M.; Baumann, U.
2012De-novo assembly and analysis of the heterozygous triploid genome of the wine spoilage yeast Dekkera bruxellensis AWRI1499Curtin, C.; Borneman, A.; Chambers, P.; Pretorius, I.
2012Dealing with cultural differences in public-private R&D projects: The experience of the Australian seafood sectorDentoni, Domenico; English, Francis Charles
2012Death by toxin net blotch disease of barleyWong, D.J.C.; Ismail, I.A.; Godfrey, D.; Able, A.J.
2009A decade of glyphosate-resistant Lolium around the world: Mechanisms, genes, fitness, and agronomic managementPreston, C.; Wakelin, A.; Dolman, F.; Bostamam, Y.; Boutsalis, P.
2020Deciphering aquaporin regulation and roles in seed biologyHoai, P.T.; Tyerman, S.D.; Schnell, N.; Tucker, M.; McGaughey, S.A.; Qiu, J.; Groszmann, M.; Byrt, C.S.
2012Deciphering the molecular functions of sterols in cellulose biosynthesisSchrick, K.; DeBolt, S.; Bulone, V.
2015Deciphering the uniqueness of Mucoromycotina cell walls by combining biochemical and phylogenomic approachesMélida, H.; Sain, D.; Stajich, J.; Bulone, V.
2013Decomposition of roots and shoots of perennial grasses and annual barley-separately or in two residue mixesShi, A.; Penfold, C.; Marschner, P.
2019Decomposition of soil organic matter as affected by clay types, pedogenic oxides and plant residue addition ratesSingh, M.; Sarkar, B.; Bolan, N.; Ok, Y.; Churchman, G.
2011The decomposition of windrowed, chipped logging slash and tree seedling response: A plant growth and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy studyPreston, C.; Smernik, R.; Powers, R.; McColl, J.; McBeath, T.
2013Deconstructing plant biomass: cell wall structure and novel manipulation strategiesByrt, C.; Betts, N; Farrokhi, N.; Burton, R.
2017Decrease in the incidence of cucumber Fusarium wilt in Varamin greenhouses using Talaromyces flavusNaraghi, L.; Shahriary, D.; Sarpeleh, A.; Heydari, A.; Afshari-Azad, H.
2002Decreased sensitivity of grapevine powdery mildew to two DMI fungicides in AustraliaSavocchia, S.; Stummer, B.; Van Heeswijck, R.; Wicks, T.; Scott, E.; International Workshop on Powdery and Downy Mildew in Grapevine (4th : 2002 : Napa, California)
2002Decreasing acetic acid accumulation by a glycerol overproducing strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by deleting the ALD6 aldehyde dehydrogenase geneEglinton, J.; Heinrich, A.; Pollnitz, A.; Langridge, P.; Henschke, P.; de Barros Lopes, M.
2011Deep sequencing-based transcriptome analysis of Plutella xylotstella larvae parasitized by Diadegma semiclausumEtebari, K.; Palfreyman, R.; Schlipalius, D.; Nielsen, L.; Glatz, R.; Asgari, S.