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2003(E)-1-(2,3,6-trimethylphenyl)buta-1,3-diene: A potent grape-derived odorant in wineJanusz, A.; Capone, D.; Puglisi, C.; Perkins, M.; Elsey, G.; Sefton, M.
2005Early detection of eutypa dieback using biochemical markersLardner, R.; Mahoney, N.; Zanker, T.; Molyneux, R.; Scott, E.
2009Early Embryo Environment and Developmental PotentialFleming, T.; Sinclair, K.; Kind, K.
2017Early flowering as a drought escape mechanism in plants: how can it aid wheat production?Shavrukov, Y.; Kurishbayev, A.; Jatayev, S.; Shvidchenko, V.; Zotova, L.; Koekemoer, F.; De Groot, S.; Soole, K.; Langridge, P.
2010Early leaf removal increases flower abscission in Vitis vinifera 'Semillon'Lohitnavy, N.; Bastian, S.; Collins, C.
2015The early origins of food preferences: targeting the critical windows of developmentGugusheff, J.; Ong, Z.; Muhlhausler, B.
2001Early production of rhizopine in nodules induced by Sinorhizobium meliloti strain L5-30Heinrich, K.; Ryder, M.; Murphy, P.
1997Early season survey of pea viruses in Pakistan and the detection of two new pathotypes of pea seedborne mosaic potyvirusAli, Akhtar; Randles, John Wesley
2009Early-life origins of metabolic dysfunction: role of the adipocyteMuhlhausler, B.; Smith, S.
2006Earthworm primers for DNA-based gut content analysis and their cross-reactivity in a multi-species systemAdmassu, Belayneh; Juen, Anita; Schmid, Michael
2013EAT1 promotes tapetal cell death by regulating aspartic proteases during male reproductive development in riceNiu, N.; Liang, W.; Yang, X.; Jin, W.; Wilson, Z.; Hu, J.; Zhang, D.
2004EC_oligos: automated and whole-genome primer design for exons within one or between two genomesLiu, S.; Tinker, N.; Molnar, S.; Mather, D.
2003Ecological Agrarian: Agriculture’s First Evolution in 10,009 YearsCoventry, D.
2017Ecological intensification and arbuscular mycorrhizas: a meta-analysis of tillage and cover crop effectsBowles, T.; Jackson, L.; Loeher, M.; Cavagnaro, T.
2005An ecological optimality approach for predicting deep drainage from tree belts of alley farms in water-limited environmentsEllis, T.; Hatton, T.; Nuberg, I.
2018Ecological risk assessment of nano-enabled pesticides: a perspective on problem formulationWalker, G.; Kookana, R.; Smith, N.; Kah, M.; Doolette, C.; Reeves, P.; Lovell, W.; Anderson, D.; Turney, T.; Navarro, D.
1996Ecology of annual ryegrassGill, G.
2008Ecology of diamondback moth in Australian canola: landscape perspectives and the implications for managementFurlong, M.; Spafford, H.; Ridland, P.; Endersby, N.; Edwards, O.; Baker, G.; Keller, M.; Paull, C.
2011Economic and social influences on the nature, functioning and sustainability of rainfed farming systemsCooper, I.
2003Economic impact of viroid diseasesRandles, J.