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2002Habitat selection by the small dasyurid Ningaui yvonneae (Marsupialia : Dasyuridae) in South AustraliaBos, D.; Carthew, S.; Lorimer, M.
2001Habitat use and niche segregation of the genus Nebria (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in the Austrian AlpsKaufmann, R.; Juen, Anita
2013Haem oxygenase modifies salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis by controlling K⁺ retention via regulation of the plasma membrane H⁺-ATPase and by altering SOS1 transcript levels in rootsBose, J.; Xie, Y.; Shen, W.; Shabala, S.
2005Hair removal and Animal Husbandry MethodHynd, P.; Edwards, N.; Coleman Sudol Sapone; Philip Ian Hynd & Natasha Marie Penno
2012Halloysite from the Eucla Basin, South Australia - comparison of physical properties for potential new usesKeeling, J.; Pasbakhsh, P.; Churchman, G.; International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (10th : 2011 : Trondheim, Norway)
2000Hand-rearing leveretsStott, Philip George
2001Handling and stress response traits in cattle: identification of putative genetic markersFisher, A.; Morris, C.; Matthews, L.; Pitchford, W.; Bottema, C.; International Congress of the ISAE (35th : 2001 : Davis, California)
2006Haplotype characterization and markers at the barley Mlo powdery mildew resistance locus as tools for marker-assisted selectionTacconi, G.; Baldassarre, V.; Collins, N.; Bulgarelli, D.; Stanca, A.; Vale, G.
2003Heat stability, periodate sensitivity and solubility of bacterial adhesions and nematode receptors in two anguina-rathayibacter interactionsIndarti, S.; Riley, Ian Timothy
2015Heat stress adaptation in elite lines derived from synthetic hexaploid wheatCossani, C.; Reynolds, M.
2016Heat susceptibility of grain filling in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) linked with rapid chlorophyll loss during a 3-day heat treatmentShirdelmoghanloo, H.; Lohraseb, I.; Rabie, H.; Brien, C.; Parent, B.; Collins, N.
2005Heat-shock selection of yeast for altered formation of metabolitesPetropoulos, S.; Grbin, P.; Jiranek, V.; Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference (12th : 2004 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2013Heave and heaving pressure in freezing soils: a unifying theoryGroenevelt, P.; Grant, C.
2009The hedonic nature of wine tourism consumption: an experiential viewBruwer, J.; Alant, K.
1997Helix pomatia Lectin and Annexin V, two molecular probes for insect microparticles: possible involvement in hemolymph coagulationTheopold, Ulrich; Schmidt, Otto
1996Helix pomatia Lectin, an inducer of Drosophila immune response, binds to Hemomucin, a novel surface MucinTheopold, Ulrich; Samakovlis, Christos; Erdjument-Bromage, Hediye; Dillon, Natalie; Axelsson, Bernt; Schmidt, Otto; Tempst, Paul; Hultmark, Dan
2008Hepatic cytochrome P450 enzymes belonging to the CYP2C subfamily from an Australian marsupial, the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)Jones, B.; El-Merhibi, A.; Ngo, S.; Stupans, I.; McKinnon, R.
2007Hepatic nuclear receptor PPARα in the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus): Cloning and molecular characterisationNgo, S.; McKinnon, R.; Stupans, I.
2009The herbal extract, Iberogast®, improves jejunal integrity in rats with 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU)-induced mucositisWright, T.; Yazbek, R.; Lymn, K.; Whitford, E.; Cheah, K.; Butler, R.; Feinle-Bisset, C.; Pilichiewicz, A.; Mashtoub, S.; Howarth, G.
2012Herbicide application strategies for the control of rigid ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) in wide-row faba bean (Vicia faba) in Southern AustraliaKleemann, S.; Gill, G.