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2002Japanese barley meets Australia: Quality performance of malting barley grown in different countriesOgushi, K.; Lim, P.; Barr, A.; Takahashi, S.; Asakura, T.; Ito, K.
2014Jasmonic acid regulates spikelet development in riceCai, Q.; Yuan, Z.; Chen, M.; Yin, C.; Luo, Z.; Zhao, X.; Liang, W.; Hu, J.; Zhang, D.
2007Joint modeling of additive and non-additive (genetic line) effects in multi-environment trialsOakey, H.; Verbyla, A.; Cullis, B.; Wei, X.; Pitchford, W.
2006Joint modeling of additive and non-additive genetic line effects in single field trialsOakey, H.; Verbyla, A.; Pitchford, W.; Cullis, B.; Kuchel, H.
2004Joint modelling of location and scale parameters of the t distributionTaylor, J.; Verbyla, A.
2009Juvenile-mature wood transition in pine: correlation between wood properties and candidate gene expression profilesKumar, M.; Saranpaa, P.; Barnett, J.; Wilkinson, M.
2012Kaolinite-smectite mixed-layer clays in the Jiujiang red soils and their climate significanceHong, H.; Churchman, G.; Gu, Y.; Yin, K.; Wang, C.
2017Kelch-motif containing acyl-CoA binding proteins AtACBP4 and AtACBP5 are differentially expressed and function in floral lipid metabolismYe, Z.; Xu, J.; Shi, J.; Zhang, D.; Chye, M.
2005Keratin gene expression in Merino sheep with divergent wool growthMitchell, M.; Revell, D.; Bawden, C.; Hynd, P.
1996The keratin proteins and genes of wool and hairPowell, B.
2017A key role for arbuscular mycorrhiza in plant acquisition of P from sewage sludge recycled to soilMackay, J.; Cavagnaro, T.; Müller Stöver, D.; Macdonald, L.; Grønlund, M.; Jakobsen, I.
2013The key role of micromorphology in studies of the genesis of clay minerals and their associations in soils and its relevance to advances in the philosophy of soil scienceChurchman, G.
1996Keys to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Vol. III Hymenoptera. Part V BraconidaeAustin, A.
2012Kinetic analysis of alkaline protease production at different substrate concentrations by Bacillus licheniformis - NCIM 2042 in stirred tank reactorPotumarthi, R.; Nagavalli R, K.; Jetty, A.
2001Kinetic analysis of boron transport in CharaStangoulis, J.; Reid, R.; Brown, P.; Graham, R.
2014Kinetics of conventional and microwave-assisted fucoidan extractions from the brown alga, Ecklonia radiataLorbeer, A.; Lahnstein, J.; Fincher, G.; Su, P.; Zhang, W.
1999Kinetics of Nutrient Uptake by Plant CellsReid, Robert J.
2014Kinetics of xylem loading, membrane potential maintenance, and sensitivity of K⁺-permeable channels to reactive oxygen species: physiological traits that differentiate salinity tolerance between pea and barleyBose, J.; Shabala, L.; Pottosin, I.; Zeng, F.; Velarde-Buendía, A.; Massart, A.; Poschenrieder, C.; Hariadi, Y.; Shabala, S.
2012Knowledge and perceptions of community patients about generic medicinesIbrahim, R.; McKinnon, R.; Ngo, S.
2004L'évolution des virus à ARN: rôles de la sélection et de la dérive génétiqueGuyader, Sebastien; Giblot-Ducray, Daniele Marie-Jeanne