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2005P L2,3- edge XANES: A Potential Soil P Speciation TechniqueAjiboye, Abraham Babasola; Akinremi, Olalekan O.; Hu, Y.
2013P62 expression and autophagy in αB-crystallin R120G mutant knock-in mouse model of hereditary cataractWignes, J.; Goldman, J.; Weihl, C.; Bartley, M.; Andley, U.
2013Pallidol hexaacetate ethyl acetate monosolvateMao, Q.; Taylor, D.; Ng, S.; Tiekink, E.
2001Paprika spice productionKlieber, Andreas
2013Paracellular absorption is relatively low in the herbivorous Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard, Uromastyx aegyptiaMcWhorter, T.; Pinshow, B.; Karasov, W.; Tracy, C.
2014Parallel responses of bees to Pleistocene climate change in three isolated archipelagos of the southwestern PacificGroom, S.; Stevens, M.; Schwarz, M.
2000Parasitoids of the autumn gum moth, Mnesampela privata (guenee) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in south-eastern Australia, with description of two new larval parasitoidsSchumacher, R.; Austin, A.; Floyd, R.
2004Parental selection using known genes for inbred line developmentYe, G.; Eagles, H.; Dieters, M.; Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference (54th : 2004 : Canberra, A.C.T.)
1998The Parkes Lecture: Heat and the TestisSetchell, B.
2016Partial dealcoholisation of red wine by reverse osmosis-evaporative perstraction: impact on wine compositionPham, D.; Jeffery, D.; Wollan, D.; Wilkinson, K.; Stockdale, V.; Macrowine 2016 - Macromolecules and Secondary Metabolites of Grapevine and Wine (27 Jun 2016 - 30 Jun 2016 : Changins-Nyon, Switzerland)
2004Partial rootzone drying (PRD): irrigation technique for sustainable viticulture and premium quality grapesdu Toit, P.; Dry, P.; Loveys, B.
2001Partial rootzone drying - how does it work?Loveys, B.; Dry, P.; Stoll, M.
2007Partial shading of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz vines altered wine color and mouthfeel attributes but increased exposure had little impactJoscelyne, V.; Downey, M.; Mazza, M.; Bastian, S.
2017A partially purified outer membrane protein VirB9-1 for low-cost nanovaccines against Anaplasma marginaleZhao, L.; Cavallaro, A.; Wibowo, D.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, J.; Mitter, N.; Yu, C.; Zhao, C.; Middelberg, A.
2018Participatory market chain appraisal for the full range of agroforestry products including market trends and growing marketsAmatya, S.; Nuberg, I.; Cedamon, E.; Shrestha, K.; Pandit, H.; Perdana, A.; Joshi, M.; Dhakal, B.
2009Partitioning of metals (Cd, Co, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn) in soils: concepts, methodologies, prediction and applications - a reviewDegryse, J.; Smolders, E.; Parker, D.
2001Partitioning of nutrient transport processes in rootsTester, M.; Leigh, R.
2001The passage of potato leafroll virus through Myzus persicae gut membrane regulates transmission efficiency.Rouze-Jouan, J.; Terradot, Laurent; Pasquer, F.; Tanguy, S.; Giblot-Ducray, Daniele Marie-Jeanne
2009Pasture management clearly affects soil microbial community structure and N-cycling bacteriaWakelin, Steven Alan; Gregg, Adrienne L.; Simpson, Richard John; Li, Guandgi D.; Riley, Ian Timothy; McKay, Alan C.
2016Pastures to woodlands: changes in soil microbial communities and carbon following reforestationCavagnaro, T.; Cunningham, S.; Fitzpatrick, S.