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2017R package ASMap: efficient genetic linkage map construction and diagnosisTaylor, J.; Butler, D.
2011R package wgaim: QTL analysis in bi-parental populations using linear mixed modelsTaylor, J.; Verbyla, A.
2006R-Estimator of location of the generalized secant hyperbolic distributionKravchuk, O.
2007The R2R3-MYB transcription factor HAG1/MYB28 is a regulator of methionine-derived glucosinolate biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thalianaGigolashvili, T.; Yatusevich, R.; Berger, B.; Muller, C.; Flugge, U.
2008The RAD51 gene family in bread wheat is highly conserved across eukaryotes, with RAD51A upregulated during early meiosisKhoo, K.; Jolly, H.; Able, J.
2010Radiant frost tolerance in pulse crops-a reviewAhmad, M.; Shafiq, S.; Lake, L.
2001Radiation hybrid comparative mapping between human chromosome 17 and porcine chromosome 12 demonstrates conservation of gene orderShi, X.-W.; Fitzsimmons, Carolyn Jean; Genet, C.; Prather, R.; Whitworth, K.; Green, J. A.; Tuggle, C. K.
2007Radiation- and water-use associated with growth and yields of wheat and chickpea in sole and mixed cropsJahansooz, M.; Yunusa, I.; Coventry, D.; Palmer, A.; Eamus, D.
2013A radio-isotopic dilution technique for functional characterisation of the associations between inorganic contaminants and water-dispersible naturally occurring soil colloidsTavakkoli, E.; Donner, E.; Juhasz, A.; Naidu, R.; Lombi, E.
2012Radiometric and spectrophotometric in vitro assays of glycosyltransferases involved in plant cell wall carbohydrate biosynthesisBrown, C.; Leijon, F.; Bulone, V.
2001Radopholus nativus (Nematoda : Pratylenchidae), a potential economic pest of wheat in Western AustraliaRiley, Ian Timothy; Kelly, Sean J.
2018Rainfall-related opportunities, risks and constraints to rainfed cropping in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar as defined by soil water balance modellingCornish, P.; Birchall, C.; Herridge, D.; Denton, M.; Guppy, C.
2011Raising yield potential of wheat. I. Overview of a consortium approach and breeding strategiesReynolds, M.; Bonnett, D.; Chapman, S.; Furbank, R.; Manes, Y.; Mather, D.; Parry, M.
2006Ranchers Diverse in Their Drought Management StrategiesBastian, Christopher T.; Mooney, Sian; Nagler, Amy M.; Hewlett, John P.; Paisley, Steven I.; Smith, Michael A.; Frasier, W. Marshall; Umberger, Wendy Jeanne
2008A random model approach for the LASSOFoster, S.; Verbyla, A.; Pitchford, W.
2014Random non-coding fragments of lizard DNA: anonymous nuclear loci for the Australian skink, Tiliqua rugosa, and their utility in other Egernia-group speciesAnsari, T.; Bertozzi, T.; Hacking, J.; Cooper, S.; Gardner, M.
2001Randomized trials with polyunsaturated fatty acid interventions in preterm and term infants: Functional and clinical outcomesGibson, R.; Chen, W.; Makrides, M.
2014Randomly interstratified illite-vermiculite from weathering of illite in red earth sediments in Xuancheng, southeastern ChinaHong, H.; Churchman, G.; Yin, K.; Li, R.; Li, Z.
2002Rangelands: people, perceptions and perspectivesMills, Denzil; Blench, Roger; Gillam, Bertha; Martin, Mandy; Fitzhardinge, Guy; Davies, Jocelyn; Campbell, Simon; Woodhams, Libby
2005Rank test of location optimal for hyperbolic secant distributionKravchuk, O.