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2004The Saccharomyces cerevisiae alcohol acetyl transferase AtfI p is localised in lipid particlesVerstrepen, K.; Van Laere, S.; Vercammen, J.; Derdelinckx, G.; Dufour, J.; Pretorius, I.; Winderickx, J.; Thevelein, J.; Delvaux, F.
2004Safe Production of a Product of Interest in Hybrid SeedWerner, S.; Kandzia, R.; Eliby, S.; Marillonnet, S.; Klimyuk, V.; Gleba, Y.
2014Safety of gardening on lead- and arsenic-contaminated urban brownfieldsDefoe, P.; Hettiarachchi, G.; Benedict, C.; Martin, S.
2013Salicylic acid improves salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis by restoring membrane potential and preventing salt-induced K⁺ loss via a GORK channelJayakannan, M.; Bose, J.; Babourina, O.; Rengel, Z.; Shabala, S.
2015Salicylic acid in plant salinity stress signalling and toleranceJayakannan, M.; Bose, J.; Babourina, O.; Rengel, Z.; Shabala, S.
2013Salinity affects the response of soil microbial activity and biomass to addition of carbon and nitrogenMavi, M.; Marschner, P.
2012Salinity and sodicity affect soil respiration and dissolved organic matter dynamics differentially in soils varying in textureMavi, M.; Marschner, P.; Chittleborough, D.; Cox, J.; Sanderman, J.
2011Salinity effects on carbon mineralization in soils of varying textureSetia, R.; Marschner, P.; Baldock, J.; Chittleborough, D.; Smith, P.; Smith, J.
2016Salinity effects on chloroplast PSII performance in glycophytes and halophytesPercey, W.; McMinn, A.; Bose, J.; Breadmore, M.; Guijt, R.; Shabala, S.
2000Salinity increases cadmium uptake by wheat and Swiss chard from soil amended with biosolidsWeggler-Beaton, K.; McLaughlin, M.; Graham, R.
2016Salinity negatively affects pollen tube growth and fruit set in grapevines and is not mitigated by siliconBaby, T.; Collins, C.; Tyerman, S.; Gilliham, M.
2013Salinity reduces the ability of soil microbes to utilise celluloseElmajdoub, B.; Marschner, P.
2014Salinity toleranceTilbrook, J.; Roy, S.
2011Salinity tolerance and Na+ exclusion in wheat: Variability, genetics, mapping populations and QTL analysisShavrukov, Y.; Shamaya, N.; Baho, M.; Edwards, J.; Ramsey, C.; Nevo, E.; Langridge, P.; Tester, M.
2009Salinity tolerance and sodium exclusion in genus TriticumShavrukov, Y.; Langridge, P.; Tester, M.
2014Salinity tolerance in soybean is modulated by natural variation in GmSALT3Guan, R.; Qu, Y.; Guo, Y.; Yu, L.; Liu, Y.; Jiang, J.; Chen, J.; Ren, Y.; Liu, G.; Tian, L.; Jin, L.; Liu, Z.; Hong, H.; Chang, R.; Gilliham, M.; Qiu, L.
2016Salinity tolerance loci revealed in rice using high-throughput non-invasive phenotypingAl-Tamimi, N.; Brien, C.; Oakey, H.; Berger, B.; Saade, S.; Ho, Y.; Schmöckel, S.; Tester, M.; Negrão, S.
2007Salinity tolerance of Arabidopsis: a good model for cereals?Moller, I.; Tester, M.
2015Salinity tolerance of crops - what is the cost?Munns, R.; Gilliham, M.
2014Salt bladders: do they matter?Shabala, S.; Bose, J.; Hedrich, R.