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2014U-shaped relationship between tissue docosahexaenoic acid and atrial fibrillation following cardiac surgeryMetcalf, R.; Skuladottir, G.; Indridason, O.; Sullivan, T.; Bjorgvinsdottir, L.; Sanders, P.; Arnar, D.; Gibson, R.; Heidarsdottir, R.; Cleland, L.; Palsson, R.; Farquharson, A.; Young, G.; James, M.
2004U.S. consumer preference and willingness-to-pay for domestic corn-fed beef versus international grass-fed beef measured through an experimental auctionUmberger, W.; Feuz, D.; Calkins, C.; Killinger, K.
2001U.S. Consumer Preference for Domestic Corn-fed versus International Grass-fed BeefUmberger, W.; Feuz, D.; Calkins, C.; Killinger, K.; International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium International Trade in Livestock Products Symposium (2001: Auckland, New Zealand)
2004U.S. consumers' willingness to pay for flavor and tenderness in steaks as determined with an experimental auctionFeuz, D.; Umberger, W.; Calkins, C.; Sitz, B.
2003UK field-scale evaluations answer wrong questionsChassy, B.; Carter, C.; Mcgloughlin, M.; Mchughen, A.; Parrott, W.; Preston, C.; Roush, R.; Shelton, A.; Strauss, S.
2010Ultra-high temperature processing of chocolate flavoured milkPrakash, S.; Huppertz, T.; Kravchuk, O.; Deeth, H.
2010Ultrasound assessed thickness of burn scars in association with laser Doppler imaging determined depth of burns in paediatric patientsWang, X.; Mill, J.; Kravchuk, O.; Kimble, R.
2012Ultrasound-assisted extraction of matrix elements and heavy metal fractions associated with Fe, Al and Mn oxyhydroxides from soilStanišič, S.; Ignjatovič, L.; Andelkovič, I.; Stevič, M.; Tasič, A.; Biserčič, M.
2016Uncoupling of sodium and chloride to assist breeding for salinity tolerance in cropsGenc, Y.; Oldach, K.; Taylor, J.; Lyons, G.
2009Undamaged cotton plants yield more if their neighbour is damaged: implications for pest managementWilson, L.; Lei, T.; Sadras, V.; Wilson, L.; Heimoana, S.
2010Underground friends or enemies: model plants help to unravel direct and indirect effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plant competitionFacelli, E.; Smith, S.; Facelli, J.; Christophersen, H.; Smith, F.
2013Underlying functional genomics of fat deposition in adipose tissueBakhtiarizadeh, M.; Moradi-Shahrbabak, M.; Ebrahimie, E.
2011The underlying motivations of Chinese wine consumer behaviourSomogyi, S.; Li, C.; Johnson, T.; Bruwer, J.; Bastian, S.
2012Undernutrition during early follicle development has irreversible effects on ovulation rate and embryosChen, T.; Stott, P.; Athorn, R.; Bouwman, E.; Langendijk, P.
2005Understanding bioenergetics of the enterocyte: The basis for efficient growth of the chickenSmyl, C.; Hughes, R.; Tivey, D.; The Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium (07 Feb 2005 : Sydney, New South Wales)
2012Understanding climate change adaptive behaviour of farmers: an integrated conceptual frameworkDang, H.; Li, C.; Bruwer, J.
2016Understanding consumer preferences for Australian sparkling wine vs. French champagneCulbert, J.; Verdonk, N.; Ristic, R.; Olarte Mantilla, S.; Lane, M.; Pearce, K.; Cozzolino, D.; Wilkinson, K.
2010Understanding consumer preferences for Shiraz wine and Cheddar cheese pairingsBastian, S.; Collins, C.; Johnson, T.
2014Understanding farmers' adaptation intention to climate change: a structural equation modelling study in the Mekong Delta, VietnamDang, H.; Li, E.; Nuberg, I.; Bruwer, J.
2005Understanding how barley interacts with Rhynchosporium secalis and Pyrenophora teres as a basis for improving disease resistance to necrotrophic fungal pathogensLittle, A.; Sarpeleh, A.; Craig, A.; Boettcher, A.; Stonor, J.; Able, A.; Australian Barley Technical Symposium (12th : 2005 : Hobart, Tasmania)