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2000Waite Campus aids almond industrySedgley, Margaret
2011Warfarin and acetaminophen interaction: a summary of the evidence and biologic plausibilityLopes, R.; Horowitz, J.; Garcia, D.; Crowther, M.; Hylek, E.
2020Water allocation in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin: managing change under heightened uncertaintyMallaawarachchi, T.; Auricht, C.; Loch, A.; Adamson, D.; John, Q.
2012Water and thermal regimes for field pea in Australia and their implications for breedingSadras, V.; Lake, L.; Chenu, K.; McMurray, L.; Leonforte, A.
2010Water balance in dry seeded and puddled transplanted rice in Punjab, IndiaYadav, Sudhir; Gill, Gurjeet; Kukal, S. S.; Humphreys, Elizabeth.; Rangarajan, R.; Walia, Ujagar Singh; World Congress of Soil Science (19th : 2010 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2007Water flow in the roots of crop species: The influence of root structure, aquaporin activity, and waterloggingBramley, H.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.; Turner, N.
2009Water movement into dormant and non-dormant wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grainsRathjen, J.; Strounina, E.; Mares, D.
2001Water relations and gas exchange of the root hemiparasite Santalum acuminatum(quandong)Loveys, B.; Loveys, B.; Tyerman, S.
2014Water relations and mesophyll anatomy in almond leavesRahimi Eichi, V.; Tyerman, S.; Wirthensohn, M.
2012Water relations of the grape berry and aquaporinsTyerman, S.; Chaves, M.; Barrieu, F.
2013Water scarcity and urban forests: Science and public policy lessons from a decade of drought in Adelaide, AustraliaBrindal, M.; Stringer, R.
2009Water transport and aquaporins in grapevinesTyerman, S.; Vandeleur, R.; Shelden, M.; Tilbrook, J.; Mayo, G.; Gilliham, M.; Kaiser, B.
2016Water uptake in barley grain: physiology; genetics and industrial applicationsCu, S.; Collins, H.; Betts, N.; March, T.; Janusz, A.; Stewart, D.; Skadhauge, B.; Eglinton, J.; Kyriacou, B.; Little, A.; Burton, R.; Fincher, G.
2011Water use efficiencies of maize cultivars grown under rain-fed conditionsAsare, D.K.; Frimpong, J.O.; Ayeh, E.O.; Amoatey, H.M.
2009Water use of a bioenergy plantation increases in a future high CO₂ worldTricker, P.; Pecchiari, M.; Bunn, S.; Vaccari, F.; Peressotti, A.; Miglietta, F.; Taylor, G.
2006Water, sugar and acid: how and where they come and go during berry ripeningTilbrook, J.; Tyerman, S.; Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology Seminar (2006 : Mildura, Vic.)
2010A water-centred framework to assess the effects of salinity on the growth and yield of wheat and barleyHarris, B.; Sadras, V.; Tester, M.
2008Water-use efficiency reflects management practices in Australian olive grovesYunusa, I.; Zeppel, M.; Nuberg, I.
2016WAX INDUCER1 (HvWIN1) transcription factor regulates free fatty acid biosynthetic genes to reinforce cuticle to resist Fusarium head blight in barley spikeletsKumar, A.; Yogendra, K.; Karre, S.; Kushalappa, A.; Dion, Y.; Choo, T.
2013Waxy drum acts as a unique form of crumb softener in breadLafaye, J.; Lee, H.; Blake, L.; Jenner, C.