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1996The effect on human tumor necrosis factor α and interleukin 1β production of diets enriched in n-3 fatty acids from vegetable oil or fish oilCaughey, G.; Mantzioris, E.; Gibson, R.; Cleland, L.; James, M.
1995A gene targeting suicide vector for Streptococcus bovisBrooker, J.; Lum, D.; Thomson, A.; Ward, H.
1997Interactions between nitrogen and manganese nutrition of barley genotypes differing in manganese efficiencyTong, Y.; Rengel, Zdenko; Graham, Robin David
1996Co-operative Research Centre for Viticulture: Sampling program for grapevine yellows diseasesBonfiglioli, Roderick Gordon; Guerrini, S.; Symons, R. H.
1998Dynamics of zinc and manganese movement in developing wheat grainsPearson, J. N.; Rengel, Zdenko; Jenner, Colin F.; Graham, Robin David
1997Identification of the entire chromosome complement of hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivuum L.) by two-colour FISHPedersen, Carsten; Langridge, Peter
1998Dynamics of nutrient remobilization during germination and early seedling development in wheatMoussavi-Nik, Mohsen; Pearson, John N.; Hollamby, Gilbert J.; Graham, Robin David
1998Genotypic differences in concentrations of iron, manganese, copper and zincYang, X.; Ye, Z. Q.; Shi, C. H.; Zhu, M. L.; Graham, Robin David
1998Cold sterile filtration: a small scale filtration test and investigation of membrane pluggingStewart, Douglas C.; Hawthorn, Donn; Evans, David Evan
1996Manipulation of xylem transport affects Zn and Mn transport into developing wheat grains of cultured earsPearson, J. N.; Rengel, Zdenko; Jenner, Colin F.; Graham, Robin David