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2009Single domain antibodies for detection of GVBMasri, A.; Rast, H.; Habili, N.; Meeting of the International Council for the Study of Virus and Virus-like Diseases of the Grapevine (16th : 2009 : Dijon, France)
2007Determinants of trust in the international fresh produce business between Ghana and EuropeGyau, Amos; Spiller, Achim
2003Chromosome arrangement and behaviour of two rye homologous telosomes at the onset of meiosis in disomic wheat-5RL addition lines with and without the Ph1 locusMaestra, B.; de Jong, J.; Shepherd, K.; Naranjo, T.
2009Sustainable agriculture and crop physiologySadras, V.; Calderini, D.; Connor, D.
2009Whither crop physiology?Sadras, V.; Hall, A.
2009Crop physiology: Applications for genetic improvement and agronomySadras, V.
2002Precise mapping of breakpoints in conserved synteny between human chromosome 1 and pig chromosomes 4, 6 and 9Sun, H. S.; Tuggle, C. K.; Goureau, A.; Fitzsimmons, Carolyn Jean; Pinton, P.; Chardon, P.; Yerle, M.
2001Radiation hybrid comparative mapping between human chromosome 17 and porcine chromosome 12 demonstrates conservation of gene orderShi, X.-W.; Fitzsimmons, Carolyn Jean; Genet, C.; Prather, R.; Whitworth, K.; Green, J. A.; Tuggle, C. K.
2003Bifunctional family 3 glycoside hydrolases from barley with alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase and beta-D-xylosidase activity - Characterization, primary structures, and COOH-terminal processingLee, R.; Hrmova, M.; Burton, R.; Lahnstein, J.; Fincher, G.
2009The value of full-lecture versus summary podcasts for student learningvan Zanten, Rob; The Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (2009 : Melbourne, Australia)