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2016Emerging technologies for the production of renewable liquid transport fuels from biomass sources enriched in plant cell wallsTan, H.; Corbin, K.; Fincher, G.
2018Method for hull-less barley transformation and manipulation of grain mixed-linkage beta-glucanLim, W.; Collins, H.; Singh, R.; Kibble, N.; Yap, K.; Taylor, J.; Fincher, G.; Burton, R.
2009A brief and informationally rich naming system for oligosaccharide motifs of heteroxylans found in plant cell wallsFaure, R.; Courtin, C.; Delcour, J.; Dumon, C.; Faulds, C.; Fincher, G.; Fort, S.; Fry, S.; Halila, S.; Kabel, M.; Pourvreau, L.; Quemener, B.; Rivet, A.; Saulnier, L.; Schols, H.; Driguez, H.; O'Donohue, M.
2009Distribution, Fine Structure and Function of (1,3;1,4)-β-Glucans in the Grasses and Other TaxaHarris, P.; Fincher, G.
2009The role of endosperm cell walls in barley malting qualityBurton, R.; Collins, H.; Fincher, G.
2009Biochemical and molecular properties of biosynthetic enzymes for (1,3)-β-glucans in embryophytes, chlorophytes and rhodophytesBrownfield, L.; Doblin, M.; Fincher, G.; Bacic, A.
2007Reducing haziness in white wine by overexpression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes YOL155c and YDR055wBrown, S.; Stockdale, V.; Pettolina, F.; Pocock, K.; de Barros Lopes, M.; Williams, P.; Bacic, A.; Fincher, G.; Waters, E.
2012Determining the polysaccharide composition of plant cell wallsPettolino, F.; Walsh, C.; Fincher, G.; Bacic, A.
2002Cereal crops as targets for genomics researchLangridge, P.; Fincher, G.
2004Functional Genomics in the Productivity and End-Use Quality of BarleyNewbigin, E.; Bacic, A.; Langridge, P.; Fincher, G.; International Barley Genetics Symposium (20 Jun 2004 : Brno, Czech Republic)